25 March 2022

Industrial Double Sided Tapes: the Complete Guide

Double sided tapes for industrial use are not like common adhesive tapes. They must offer and guarantee many different characteristics according to their application. Let’s find out what these products are, how many types are there, and how to choose the best industrial double sided tape.

industrial double sided tape

In this article, we will better understand industrial double side tape and delve into the following topics:

What is double sided industrial tape?

Double sided tape is an industrial adhesive solution used to bond or mount two elements together, mostly in the building and construction field but also in the automotive aftermarket. Thanks to a pressure-sensitive adhesive put on the two sides, this product guarantees high strength resistance and improved aesthetic features.

Thicknesses of industrial 2 sided tapes can vary from very thin to thicker versions, which allow better absorption of vibrations. There are two types of adhesive bases that are usually employed in these tapes:

  • Acrylic, which is much stronger but also more expensive
  • Rubber, a more cost-effective solution most ideal for short-term applications – which is also PPM’s choice

On the two sides of this tape, you can find the same kind of adhesive or two different types, according to industrial needs.

Characteristics of industrial double sided adhesive tapes

Double sided industrial tapes are renowned for their incredible characteristics and advantages. We are talking about:

  • High peel adhesion

It’s the strength required to remove a pressure-sensitive adhesive from its backing material or any given surface. High peel adhesion in industrial double side tapes is fundamental in permanent applications because it provides excellent resistance.

  • Immediate support strength

Double sided tape has infinite industrial uses mainly because of its strength: it ensures not only high resistance but also immediate effects. From the moment you apply the tape on the surfaces that need to be bonded or mounted, you can rest assured that there is no time to wait for the adhesive to be effective.

  • Easy and fast application

Immediate support strength is closely related to easy application. In fact, since industrial 2 sided tapes don’t require long drying periods, they offer quick use on each and every occasion. This makes them a time-efficient solution in situations that require multiple applications of this tape.

  • Versatility

Double sided industrial tapes can easily adapt to multiple surfaces. According to the surface energy of a specific material – which is the excessive force present on the surface in comparison to the bulk of the material – it is recommended to use the right adhesive with the most suitable peel adhesion and tensile strength.

  • Ability to bond dissimilar materials

Industrial two sided tapes’ versatility also means that they are able to bond or mount dissimilar materials. In fact, you can use two different adhesives on each side or use a tape with a specific thickness that can work with surfaces that have distinct characteristics.

  • Improved aesthetic results

Finally, since they are not visible on the bonded surfaces, industrial double sided adhesive tapes offer improved aesthetic features. When using this solution, you can be sure that the tape stays hidden between the two materials.

industrial double sided tape

Different types of industrial double sided tapes

PPM is specialized in the manufacturing of synthetic rubber resin adhesives, but you can also find several kinds of double sided industrial tapes on the market. Here are the main types you can find:

  • Foam or polyethylene tapes

These industrial double sided tapes are pressure-sensitive products with acrylic adhesive on the 2 sides and can have open or closed cells. They can resist different temperature variations and are suitable for dissimilar surfaces.

This specific version of the industrial 2 sided tape – made with foam but also with the addition of polyethylene – is particularly ideal as a mounting element, a gasket, and to absorb acoustic vibrations, thus offering excellent cushioning and insulation.

  • Cloth tapes

Cloth tape is renowned for its flexibility and its versatility for irregular carpets and floor applications – thanks to its heavy coating. It’s a heavy-duty solution made with laminated or poly-coated backing.

This double sided industrial tape offers high adhesive strength, clean and easy removal, and excellent resistance to tough conditions.

  • Paper tapes

Generally coated with rubber adhesives on their two sides, paper tapes are mostly ideal for temporary bonding and mounting purposes, also on irregular and dissimilar surfaces.

According to their versions, you can find industrial double sided paper tapes that can resist chemicals, liquid intrusions, and different temperatures, but also environmentally friendly solutions.

  • Tissue tapes

Tissue tapes are known as a cost-effective solution to be used in light applications because they are easily tearable and offer at the same time strong adhesion to irregular surfaces.

These pressure-sensitive industrial two sided tapes are nonetheless very flexible and durable and can be used to bond, mount, and laminate light objects made with different materials.

  • Film tapes

Film tape is a product that offers excellent adhesion to multiple and irregular surfaces and is particularly suited to permanently bond or mount different materials. It can be made with differential adhesion, which means that one side can be removed more easily while the other maintains a permanent effect.

Thanks to its film carrier, this double sided industrial tape finds widespread use in a varied range of bonding and mounting applications, even in the case of tough weather conditions.

  • Polyester tapes

Finally, polyester tapes are specifically designed with a solvent-based adhesive that can resist different temperature variations, water, and humidity. Thanks to their incredible tensile strength, chemical and dimensional stability, and cushioning and insulation features, they are employed in numberless industrial fields.

These 2 sided tapes are made with polyester (PET), which offers great mechanical characteristics when bonding or protecting dissimilar materials.

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What to consider when choosing the best industrial double sided tape?

When looking for the best industrial double sided tape to use for your applications, there are a few characteristics that must be taken into account before. Let’s find out the main qualities these products must have according to their use.

Thickness and width

As we have mentioned earlier, the best industrial double sided tapes can vary in thickness. This is mainly due to the fact that with a thin or thick bonding system you can achieve different results in multiple applications.

So, what is the difference between thin and thick industrial double side tape?

  • Thin adhesive tapes can even reach very low thicknesses and are best suited for applications that do not require strong or permanent adhesion. These products are made with a thin carrier layer and adhesive on the two sides.
  • Thick industrial tapes, instead, have a greater bonding system that is able to stick to irregular, unusual, and dissimilar surfaces and textures. These 2 sided tapes have a thick carrier layer – usually made of foam but also available in other materials – and are best suited for strong and permanent applications.

Type and weight of bonding materials

The best industrial double sided tapes are also classified depending on the type and mostly the weight of the object they have to bond or mount together.

Of course, thick tapes have a higher load capacity, but that’s not all: hold depends on the type of adhesive too. For example, acrylic-based glues have a higher load capacity, but it varies according to the type of surfaces to be bonded or mounted.

Adhesive viscosity is also a determining factor in the best industrial double sided tapes holding properties, specifically in the case of different surfaces:

  • when the surface is irregular, a viscous tape will guarantee higher adhesion between the two materials
  • when the surface is smooth, a regular tape can be used to deliver the expected results
industrial double sided tape application

Type of application

Indoor and outdoor applications require different solutions. Usually, the best industrial double sided tapes can be used in both environments but they must have specific features that allow them to be versatile.

Not every tape, in fact, is designed for outdoor applications, which requires a weather-resistant product. In this case, adhesion quality must be higher in order to cope with external agents and moisture. Temperatures can also be an issue because excessive cold and heat affect bonding strength.

Thus, the best industrial double sided tapes must be designed to face dust, grease, chemicals, and every external and internal condition.

Removable or permanent tapes

As for the thin and thick ones, the best industrial double sided tapes differ according to their longevity nature. We can thus distinguish between removable and permanent tapes.

Not every adhesive tape is made to last forever. Some of them may need to be removed after a certain period of time. So, the best industrial double sided tapes for short-term applications must guarantee easy removal without leaving any trace. You can use the help of a blow dryer to warm the adhesive, which will melt and break the bond.

On the contrary, the best industrial double sided tapes for permanent use are not meant to be removed. But if you need to, you can use cleaners or products that dissolve the stickiness and make its peeling easier.

PPM’s industrial double sided tapes

PPM is a manufacturer and supplier of tape solutions of all kinds – industrial double sided tapes included. Our products are made specifically resorting to the most ideal materials, in order to guarantee excellent performance in their field of application.

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We also offer a private label service: with our customization possibilities, you can create a specific design for your tape and its packaging, in order to give visibility to your logo and brand.

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