23 September 2022

How Long Does Duct Tape Last?

Duct tape is undoubtedly the most long-lasting adhesive solution on the market. Its heat resistance is unparalleled, and its water resistance has no competition. It’s the strongest product out there, but why is that? Let’s find out everything about its features while answering the most common question: ‘how long does duct tape last?’

how long does duct tape last

As a strong adhesive tape historically manufactured for military purposes, duct tape has always had the purpose to offer long-lasting performance in each and every application. But can we measure its resistance?

Let’s find out in this article:

Duct tape is a resistant product, but how long does it last?

If you’re a professional or just someone who needs to use duct tape for domestic applications, this product will definitely be helpful. Duct tape, in fact, offers endless possibilities! Not only to seal and patch, but also to repair objects.

Its incredible performance is due to its strong holding power and tensile strength, which make it also ideal on dissimilar materials and uneven surfaces. Such a small product can really change your life!

One of the most known features of duct tape is its longevity. In fact, it can stick on a surface for a very long time. But let’s be accurate: how long does duct tape last?

  • Usually, adhesive manufacturers claim without any doubt that a roll of duct tape can last up to 12 months in your toolbox before losing its stickiness. But the truth is that – with proper storage – they can last much longer!
  • On the other hand, once duct tape is used and applied to specific materials, it can last years and years. Of course, it depends on the job you’re doing and the conditions concerning it.

How to make duct tape last longer

There’s actually a way to make duct tape last longer than usual and increase its performance lifespan, both when stored and already used. The main issue, in fact, is temperature: high temperatures tend to loosen up the tape and make it less performing.

If your roll gets warm, the heat can soften it, leading it to shift from the core. So, how to make duct tape last longer? Let us give you two useful tips:

  • The smartest advice is to store it in a dark place 60°F (15°C) or cooler – where sunrays hardly pass through (UV rays, in fact, can damage it). This way, the tape maintains its coolness and its stickiness won’t be spoiled. You can even keep it in a bag or store it in the fridge!
  • It’s also important to keep it dry: if exposed for too long to water and the moisture in the air, it can lose its adhesive power. In those cases, you can make it dry a few days before using it: you only need to store it in a place with the right temperature.
how long does duct tape last once applied

Why is duct tape one of the most long-lasting tapes?

Now that you know everything about its durability, I bet you’re wondering ‘why does duct tape last the longest?’ As we’ve mentioned earlier, it was invented to be used in the military field so that soldiers could seal ammunition packages without losing them.

The long-lasting performance of standard duct tape is due to a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA), which doesn’t chemically react and offers extraordinary stickiness.

What’s the greatest characteristic of PSA? It’s a soft polymer blend whose main state is solid and stays solid even after its application! The texture of duct tape’s adhesive is the reason why it lasts longer than any other type of tape.

PSA can actually sustain heavy loads because of its unchanging state. It doesn’t mean that it can’t be removed, though! Using a heat source, you can easily take the piece off the surface and remove any residue.

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