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    Home / News / Fine line painters tape: the masking tape for perfect crisp lines

    Fine line painters tape: the masking tape for perfect crisp lines

    Are you looking for a masking tape to obtain clean and sharp lines while painting? Then, the right solution for you is a fine line painters tape, a masking tape specifically designed to improve the precision of the work.


    As we mentioned before on this blog, it doesn’t exists a single tape suitable for every application. Depending on the conditions of the job, a particular tape should be preferred to another. Before painting, consider the surface you have to paint and the application environment, and choose the best tape for that particular situation. Need some advice? Keep reading the article!

    Fine line tape for indoor use: for high precision masking during indoor applications, you can choose a regular fine line tape. JWT is the entry-level tape from the fine line series by PPM: it’s an excellent ally when crisp and smooth lines are required, and can be applied on multiple surfaces. JWT can be used with both water and solvent base paints, doesn’t break and leave any residue when removed, and is easy to unwind.

    Fine line tape for outdoor use: when painting outdoor, wet, wind, sunlight and other critical conditions could compromise the holding power of a masking tape, especially if you use it for long time applications. In that case, ensure to provide yourself with a fine line masking tape for outdoor uses, such as JWT Pro, the enhanced version of the basic JWT tape. JWT Pro boasts the same qualities, plus the ability to resist outdoor applications up to three months.

    Fine line tape for extreme outdoor conditions: when a tape is required to resist the toughest conditions, such as prolonged exposure to UV rays, extreme temperature and bad weather, the market offers superior products that meet the most demanding needs. This is the case of JWT HP, a little gem that guarantees an excellent hold even in the most critical situations, providing sharp and precise edges for a professional job. Like the other fine line tapes by PPM, JWT HP adheres to multiple surfaces, doesn’t rip and leave residue when removed, and is easy to unwind.

    Fine line tape for delicate surfaces: for applications on delicate surfaces such as wall paper, we suggest to use a low tack masking tape, like JWT LT. This kind of tape has been engineered to restrain the adhesion power when applied, sticking gently to the surface it contacts. At the same time, it guarantees the same fine line results of the other products of the series.

    All the fine line tapes by PPM are eco-friendly products, ideal for applications in the DIY and construction sector.

    Which of them are you going to choose?

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