04 April 2017

Filament tape: the best product for bundling and packaging

Filament tape is a versatile packaging product for light, medium and heavy duty applications in any sector. The tape is suitable to close corrugated cardboard boxes, bundle items and provide general reinforcement; in addition, filament tape is particularly recommended for pallet securing. Keep reading the article if you want to know more about this product and discover PPM’s solutions for packaging and bundling applications.

Filament tape: how is it made?

Filament tape is very reliable in securing items and bundling objects thanks to its special structure. The backing of the tape is made with polypropylene, a thermoplastic film that features good mechanical properties and excellent flexibility; in addition, it is reinforced with a series of longitudinal fiberglass inserts, the element from which filament tape takes its name. These features gift the tape with an exceptional tensile strength, ideal for wrapping objects. In the best filament tapes, polypropylene is treated to acquire biaxially oriented structure, which increases its strength and clarity.

Filament tape employs hot-melt adhesives to stick firmly and tightly to the application surface. Hot-melt technology is amongst the best processes known to obtain powerful adhesive solutions. The adhesive is fused together through a heat melting process that homogenize its various components, creating a uniform glue with exceptional holding properties.

Solutions for light and medium duty applications

PPM Industries offers a wide range of adhesive solutions for home and industrial use. If you are looking for a filament tape for light and medium duty applications, we recommend 1008 Filament tape or 1010 Filament tape, the latter with slightly increased features. They are both excellent for packaging uses, to bundle items or secure pallets.

Solutions for heavy duty applications

If you need a powerful product for heavy duty use, we suggest to take a look at 1020 Filament tape, a thicker product that boasts an extraordinary tensile strength, providing a strong hold on the application surfaces.

Top of the line, 1210 Filament tape is the ideal solution for those who seek maximum load safety and the most powerful tape of the filament range. In this tape, the fiberglass structure runs both lengthwise and crosswise the backing, creating a “cross weave” structure that tightens items together in the most efficient way.

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