21 October 2022

Every Step to Follow When Masking a Car for Paint

Don’t miss the opportunity to know how to achieve a perfect car painting job: PPM is here to help you understand the steps and tips for masking a car for paint. So take a pen and paper and start taking notes! You’ll find everything you need to know about it in this article.

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Masking a car for paint: all the steps to follow

You’re about to mask a car for paint and you’ve bought the best masking tape in the game, but you’re not sure how to properly apply the tape and the paint without making a mess? Don’t worry about it, PPM is here to give you the best advice.

As professionals in the car masking tape industry, we know exactly all the steps you should follow. Let’s find them out together:

  1. First of all, make sure to clean the car properly, especially where masking tape is going to be applied. Dust, dirt, and other residues can hinder the adhesive properties of the tape and also prevent you from achieving perfect car masking. Also, once it’s washed, the car must be perfectly dry.

  2. Second of all, be sure that you’re using the most ideal tools for this kind of job: you should rely on professional masking tapes for car paint, those that only the best manufacturers can offer your – and PPM is among these.
  1. Now, time to mask the car! Start with unwinding the tape and placing it around the area where the paint is going to be applied. Be sure that any edges and corners are completely covered. You can use tape directly on the body of the car without any damage.
  1. Don’t just cover the edges and the corners, but also be sure that car masking tape is applied in nearby areas. This way, you’ll protect the car from the spray paint that might splatter around.
  1. For those car parts that are hard to paint because masking tape doesn’t adhere perfectly, here’s what you should do. After cleaning these areas, dirt might not be 100% wiped away. So, you can apply a clear coat on them so that the masking tape has a cleaner and more adhesive surface and will be less likely to come off.
  1. Finally, make sure that any hole is masked from behind too, and you’ll be set.

Now, if you follow all these steps, your car painting job will deliver the most amazing results!

masking car for paint

Effective tips to mask a car for paint properly

What we’ve just described is the best vademecum to mask a car for painting jobs. Now, you might think that the lesson is over, but there are still a few recommendations we’d like to share with you.

What you should know is that there are some tips that can really enhance your car masking performance and offer you unprecedented results. Let’s see what we’re talking about:

  • If you’re experiencing hard times in masking small holes before car painting, the workaround is to use foam to effectively fill the holes – then you can cover them with tape. This way, you’ll 100% avoid that paint seeps through
  • We’ve already told you this tip, but as the Romans used to say “repetita iuvant”: don’t settle for cheap products, but only resort to professional and high quality car masking tapes. This way, the chances of achieving a perfect job will be much higher!
  • If you don’t trust masking tape – which is probably because you haven’t tried PPM’s products yet – or you just prefer to use an alternative to adhesive tape, you can opt for liquid and vinyl masking and obtain the same excellent results
  • Finally, one last tip is to make sure that the tape is completely flat once applied to the car. No bubbles or detached edges must be in sight, otherwise there’s the risk that paint seeps through

I think you’ve got all the information you need, and you can finally proceed to mask a car for paint in the best possible way.

If you still need help with car masking or you’re looking for the best masking tapes for car paint, PPM is a leading manufacturer and is here for you!

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