30 July 2016

Duct tape: an important tool for asbestos removal

Within the wide range of tools which make up the necessary equipment for the removal of asbestos, duct tape has a very important role because it ensures the security conditions necessary to avoid the contact with potentially dangerous material.

The use of asbestos increased significantly after World War II, but is has been used since the 1800’s in various fields, especially the Building & Construction industry, where it has been utilized for strengthening plastics and cement, insulating, sound absorption, and roofing.

Nowadays our generation is paying the price of a long lasting and dangerous exposure that brings to expect over 300,000 European citizens to die from asbestos related diseases within 2030. Workers represent the most affected category, especially the plumbers, gas fitters, electricians, builders, construction workers, painters and decorators.

Asbestos can be found in ceiling tiles, floor tiles, roofs, walls and it is not considered hazardous until it becomes dust. In fact, when the material is damaged or aged, it becomes friable and releases fibers into the air that can be inhaled causing serious health problems.

For that reason, friable asbestos has to be covered by sealing paint or removed immediately in safe conditions, insulating the area before the operations and adopting the proper equipment. Generally, professionals build up an “enclosure” jointing PE foils or seal PE bags with Duct tape to protect from contamination.

In fact, in addition to masks, suits and the personal safety equipment, adhesive tapes play a fundamental role to guarantee the necessary conditions to get in touch with asbestos: considerable holding powerconformability, resistance to humidity and low temperatures are essential skills for a quality Duct tape, and professionals need reliable and well-known products to count on.

Thanks to its precious know how, PPM Industries always offer the best solutions to its customers, and for years the Duct tape 9062 is recognized as a professional and reliable product by the main equipment distributors, becoming a well-known solution in different markets.

9062 can be considered an “all weather” Duct tapes, as it has been tested to maintain its performances in tough environmental conditions such as high and low temperatures (from -10°C up to 60°C, once applied) not only on PE, but also different regular and irregular surfaces. For that reason, it is able to maintain its adhesion and holding power in more extreme conditions, guaranteeing a safe environment for days.

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