11 May 2021

Double sided tape suppliers who can change your life

Your customers come to you for advice on how to fasten felt mats to the floor to protect it from paint and dust, without ruining it? They want to hang pictures but are not sure of the exact position and want to test it out without a nail and hammer? They need to attach two surfaces but don’t want to make a mess with hot glue? The list of reasons why you should rely on double sided tape suppliers like ourselves to satisfy your customers’ needs goes on.

Whether they’re looking for a low tack, temporary adhesive, or a permanent, long lasting one, double sided tape is the perfect solution to bind two different surfaces together, cleanly and quickly.

So I guess today is your lucky day, because we at PPM are double sided tape suppliers who can provide you with a wide range of quality double sided tape, that will change your customers’ lives. Or at least make them much easier.

What we can offer you as double sided tape suppliers

PPM, as an experienced and versatile double sided tape supplier, can offer you a wide variety of double sided tapes, ideal to answer different needs.

8030 General Purpose Double Sided Film Tape

Amongst our production as double sided tape suppliers, this generic double-sided transparent tape is the most versatile one: it’s designed for any professional and DIY generic application. It’s a great ally to always keep in the tool box, and also a mess free alternative to glue, for any light duty attaching and mounting task. It sticks well to different surfaces and guarantees an excellent hold for a prolonged time.

Imagine someone having a new painting or frame and wanting to hang it on a specific spot, but not being sure about it. This tape is the perfect way for them to test out how it would look like in that spot and, if they don’t like it, they are still free to move it without having damaged the wall at all.

8050 Carpet Double Sided Film Tape

This high-performance white double-sided tape is specifically designed to fasten carpets, mats and other flooring materials, either temporarily or permanently. Its three-layered structure enhances its mechanical resistance and makes it easy to remove without breaking. As your trusted double sided tape suppliers, we suggest this tape as one of the best solutions on the market for those who need a carpet tape for both DIY and professional applications.

Imagine someone having renovations done at their home. The risk of ruining the floor by getting dust, paint and debris all over it is really high. This tape is a great way to fix protective mats to the floor while doing constructions and painting, to protect it from any sort of damage and without leaving any residue when removed.

8226 General Purpose Double Sided Fabric Tape

This premium professional double sided carpet tape is the ultimate, state of the art adhesive solution that, as professional double sided tape suppliers, we offer for the furnishing sector. It provides excellent adhesion, it’s easy to tear and it guarantees excellent bonding with different materials on multiple surfaces for a prolonged time. Its three-layered structure increases its resistance to mechanical stress and makes it easy to remove without ripping or tearing.

Imagine someone wanting to fix their carpet to the floor so that it won’t slide anytime someone walks on it. This tape is perfect for sticking the carpet to the floor, quick and easy. And if one day they want to change the carpet’s location, they can easily do so, without leaving any residue on the floor.

What is double sided tape and what are its benefits?

The peculiarity of double sided tape is that it has a pressure sensitive adhesive coating on both sides, covered by a thin layer of siliconized paper. When peeled, it allows two parts to be bonded together by the tape between them. Double sided tapes are easy and quick adhesive solutions for the temporary or permanent bonding or mounting of two parts.

As expert double sided tape suppliers, here are the benefits that make double sided tape a much better choice than hot glue or nails when it comes to bonding different parts:

  • Faster mounting time;
  • Design flexibility;
  • Bonds dissimilar materials;
  • Clean aesthetics;
  • No damage to surfaces.

As you can see, there’s always a reason why having a double sided tape at hand is a good idea. And we, as your trusted double sided tape suppliers, can help you stock up on double sided tape, so that you’ll be ready to answer all your customers’ needs.

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