22 April 2022

Customize Industrial Duct Tape with PPM and Make it Your Own

Manufacturing the best industrial duct tapes is no easy game, yet PPM has achieved this result. In this article, you will find a selection of the most incredible duct tapes for industrial use and all our customization possibilities. Find out about it now!

industrial duct tape

In this article, we will talk about industrial duct tapes and delve into the following topics:

Industrial duct tape is a powerful pressure-sensitive tape
mostly known for its performance in professional applications – such as in the building and construction field.

This product is manufactured using three components:

  • a rubber-based adhesive
  • a cloth or a scrim
  • a backing

Also, industrial duct tape is often coated with polyethylene.

PPM’s selection of industrial duct tapes

PPM offers a broad range of industrial duct tapes with different features and configurations. Let’s see our top products and their unique characteristics:

9081 – Industrial duct tape

9081 industrial duct tape

Among our range of professional duct tapes for the industry, our Contractor Medium Grade Duct Tape 9081 must definitely be mentioned. It’s a high-performance tape designed to withstand extreme conditions in different applications. Its adhesive, in fact, guarantees strong holding power even in harsh temperatures (from -10°C to 60°C).

Irregular surfaces won’t be a problem for this industrial duct tape, thanks to its reliability. Among the other characteristics it offers, you will find:

  • high tensile strength
  • easy removal without breaking
  • versatility
  • possibility to be customized

Ideal for semi-permanent applications – to seal or joint dissimilar materials, for example – this industrial duct tape is available in a wide spectrum of colors.

9051 – Industrial duct tape

industrial duct tape 9051

Another high-quality product manufactured by PPM is our Economy Grade Duct Tape 9051, an entry-level duct tape suitable for industrial applications – and DIY jobs too – offering water resistance and easy removal by hand.

This multipurpose tape has a three-layered structure and a hot melt adhesive that protects and seals different materials. Thanks to its good tensile strength, it can also be effectively applied around curved surfaces.

Suitable for construction sites, industrial interventions, and agricultural activities, this industrial duct tape is lightly conformable and ensures a powerful and durable hold.

9061 – Industrial duct tape

9061 industrial duct tape

Finally, a high-performance tape not to be missed is PPM’s Utility Grade Duct Tape 9061. It’s a product that is well known for its excellent holding power and tensile strength, even when applied on irregular surfaces.

This industrial duct tape is made with:

  • all-round multi-layer polyethylene
  • a synthetic rubber resin adhesive
  • gauze reinforcement

Thanks to its water resistance, 9061 can be used in wet applications, also offering flexibility, protection, and temporary sealing in high-tension conditions. Suitable for both construction and home interventions, this industrial duct tape can be torn easily and is available in multiple colors.

Take a closer look at PPM’s industrial solutions!

Duct tapes


Customize the industrial duct tapes you need with PPM’s private label service

Did you know that PPM is not only a leading manufacturer of industrial duct tape but also offers a full private label service? Our customization possibilities are aimed to create special tapes that will make your brand stand out from the competition.

Let’s get into the specifics of this:

  • you can choose the industrial duct tape you need and add any specific logo on the tape’s core, even with additional colors
  • you have the possibility to design the shrink packaging – picking the solution you find most appropriate – and the labels that we’re going to apply to it, making it more attractive
  • finally, you can design the shipping box of your industrial duct tapes – choosing from the options we can supply you with – and the most eye-catching display you wish to use in your points of sale

Yes, our state-of-the-art production is followed by an all-around service to make your industrial duct tapes unique and aesthetically appealing. Quality is guaranteed through every step of the process.

private label industrial duct tapes


Why is PPM’s duct tape the best choice for your industrial applications

As we mentioned earlier, PPM takes the quality of its industrial duct tapes very seriously. From the first manufacturing activities to the post-sale, our products are designed to ensure characteristics that are rarely found on the market.

There is no tape in our portfolio that won’t help you achieve the results you wish for! According to the market you operate in or the requirements you have, PPM is able to supply you with the best solution.

Now, let’s sum up the main features offered by our industrial duct tapes:

  • exceptional strength, thanks to our advanced adhesive formulas
  • long-lasting performance, meant to be durable on dissimilar surfaces too
  • waterproof and high-temperature resistance, to guarantee protection in each and every condition
  • versatility, because our industrial duct tapes are multipurpose: they can be used in indoor and outdoor applications, but also in DIY projects

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