16 March 2023

PPM Duct Tape Eco Line, the first Recycled Duct Tapes

Tensile strength, versatility and excellent adhesion power: these are the features of duct tape in short. PPM has created a line of duct tapes eco-designed that have obtained the European Plastic Second Life (PSL) certification.

When good tensile strength and excellent adhesion power are required, duct tape is the right solution. Extremely versatile and humidity resistant, duct tape can be structured in different grades, which helps to determine the applications it should be used for. The grade indicates how the tape is made and so the type of adhesive used and the strength of the backing material depends on the number of threads it has: the more it has threads; the more it is stronger and more difficult to tear. Since duct tape is one of the most widely used tape solutions - whose application ranges from DIY to professional use - and sustainability is a theme dear to PPM, the company designed the first line of recycled duct tape in the market, which we will discover together.


Among the duct tapes produced by PPM, there are two solutions designed to be sustainable: we are referring to 9051E - Economy Grade Duct Tape and 9061E - Utility Grade Duct Tape. Both of these tapes have received an important European certification: the Plastic Second Life (PSL).  Instituted by IPPR (Institute for the Promotion of Recycled Plastic), this certification attests that PPM's ECO LINE Duct Tapes are recycled plastic-based. It is important to note that PPM was the first on the market to obtain this certification, making ECO LINE Duct Tapes the first duct tapes on the market made from recycled plastic. PSL is an environmental product certification system dedicated to materials and manufactured products obtained from the recycling of plastic waste. This certification is the first European and Italian brand dedicated to recycled plastics that introduces the concepts of "quality" in recycled plastics and "traceability" of recycled materials, referring to the recycled percentages reported in the circular letter of 4 August 2004, implementing DM 203/2003 on Green Public Procurement, and to the UNI EN ISO 14021 standard. Let’s find out more about PPM Eco Line Duct Tapes solutions.

9051E - Economy Grade Duct Tape

9051E - Economy Grade Duct Tape is PPM's entry-level eco-friendly duct. 9051E is coated with synthetic rubber-resin solvent-free adhesive and composed of a backing material of 60% post-industrial recycled (PIR) LDPE.  Another factor also contributes to making it eco-friendly:  this tape has obtained PSL Certification, namely is a recycled plastic-based product made up to 48% of recycled materials. Characterized by excellent conformability, high adhesion capacity on all surfaces and easy hand tearing, it is suitable for protecting, sealing and repairing daily operations with different materials and surfaces in many contexts like home, construction sites, industrial interventions and even agricultural activities.

9061E - Utility Grade Duct Tape


9061E is PPM'S Utility Grade Duct Tape with PSL certification: 48% of the plastic in 9061E comes from recycled materials. As 9051E, 9061E - Utility Grade Duct Tape is coated with synthetic rubber-resin solvent-free adhesive and composed of backing materials of 60% post-industrial recycled (PIR) LDPE. Its excellent conformability makes this tape the ideal solution for operations such as bundling, sealing, ​​temporarily repairing, pipe wrapping and duct seaming, double glazing unit sealing and other activities in different sectors: from industrial interventions to agricultural activities.

9051E and 9061E are part of ECO LINE, PPM’s range of sustainable products designed to offer eco-sustainable tape solutions in every sector: from packaging to automotive, from Building & Construction to Painting & Renovation. All these products have obtained important certifications, such as PSL, INGEDE, FSC and, recently, PEFC: the globally recognized certification system for sustainable forestry practices, ensuring that the forest products used in production are sourced from responsibly managed forests.

If you are looking for sustainable eco-designed solutions, discover PPM's ECO LINE. And if you need a customized tape solution to streamline your business, get in touch with us.


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