16 October 2023

Exploring PPM's Duct Tape collection, quality and versatility right at your fingertips

Duct tape, the unsung hero of the professional toolkit, possesses the power to hold, mend, and protect in ways you never imagined. In this article, we invite you to dive into the world of PPM's exceptional duct tape collection, where quality, versatility, and reliability converge to elevate your professional endeavours.

Duct tape, with its incredible adhesive power and versatility, is an essential tool in the arsenal of professionals across various industries. The PPM range of duct tapes stands out in this category, offering a series of duct tapes with distinct features and application profiles that reliably meet the specific demands of both professionals and consumers. In this article, we will delve into the diverse offerings from PPM's collection, catering to the needs of professionals in construction, DIY, and more.

9051 - Economy Grade Duct Tape

The 9051 duct tape is an excellent entry-level DIY duct tape suitable for indoor applications. It boasts good tensile strength and impressive adhesion, making it a multipurpose high-performance duct tape for daily repairs and activities involving different materials and surfaces. This duct tape is lightly conformable, water-resistant, and easy to tear. Its three-layered structure and hot melt adhesive ensures a powerful hold for an extended period, making it perfect for semi-permanent applications. Whether for homes, construction sites, industrial interventions, or agricultural activities, the 9051 duct tape provides reliable protection and sealing capabilities.

9061 - Utility Grade Duct Tape

For those seeking versatile and robust duct tape, the 9061 utility-grade duct tape is an excellent choice. This multi-layer polyethene duct tape, reinforced with gauze, provides superior adhesion, holding power, and tensile strength when compared to the 9051 variant. Additionally, the 9061 duct tape is water-resistant, making it ideal for applications involving wet conditions, such as hose repairs. In situations requiring flexibility, protection, and temporary sealing in high-tension settings, the 9061 duct tape's ability to conform to irregular surfaces and easy-tear feature make it a superb option for general interventions, repairs, and material covers.

9062 - Professional Grade Duct Tape

Professionals working in demanding environments require specialized tools to ensure optimal performance. The 9062 professional-grade duct tape is a crucial item in this category. Designed to maintain exceptional adhesion and holding power, even under harsh conditions, this all-weather high-performance duct tape can withstand temperatures ranging from -10°C to 60°C once applied. The tape is effective on both regular and irregular surfaces, making it ideal for use in outdoor settings and on polar surfaces. The 9062 duct tape finds extensive use in enclosure construction, jointing PE foils and preserving against inhalation of dangerous asbestos fibres during professional removal operations. Its versatility makes it an essential tool for the building and construction sector, DIY repairs, vehicle and tool fixing, and agricultural structures.

9081 - Contractor Medium Grade Duct Tape

Looking for a strong and reliable duct tape that can withstand tough weather conditions and difficult surfaces? Look no further than the 9081 contractor medium-grade duct tape! This tape is specifically developed for the construction and building industries and features a hot melt adhesive that provides unbeatable adhesion and holding power. It boasts an exceptional hot melt adhesive that offers unparalleled adhesion and holding power. Furthermore, its impressive durability and high tensile strength make it an ideal option for semi-permanent sealing and jointing applications. The tape can be customized to suit specific needs, with a range of colours available, including silver, black, white, orange, fluorescent yellow, and blue.

9081HP – High Performance Duct Tape

For high-demanding applications in the construction and building sectors, 9081HP. It’s the strong and reliable choice. Its key features, such as: hot melt adhesive, durability, and high tensile strength, make it suitable for demanding weather conditions and difficult surfaces often encountered in the construction and building industries. This tape is specifically suitable for professional construction segment, especially during renovation works, and boasts a firm hot melt adhesive that offers excellent adhesion and holding power on smooth and rough surfaces.  Furthermore, 9081HP, with its impressive high tensile strength and conformability, is indeed well-suited for semi-permanent sealing and jointing applications. Its versatility makes it an essential tool also for DIY repairs, vehicle and tool fixing, and agricultural structures

9085 - Contractor Premium Grade Duct Tape

For high-demanding applications in the construction and building sectors, look no further than the 9085 contractor premium-grade duct tape. This duct tape is specifically designed for tasks like protecting window frames, sills, facades, and other surfaces during wall plastering and painting at construction sites. Coated with a special adhesive formulation, it offers easy removal at low (-15°C) and high (+60°C) temperatures from multiple surfaces, with excellent adhesion on rough surfaces like civil walls, concrete, tile, porfido, and granite. It's essential to note that long-term UV exposure is not recommended.


PPM's duct tape collection offers a wide range of options to meet the specific needs of professionals across various industries. Whether you require a versatile entry-level option or a premium-grade tape for challenging applications, PPM has you covered.

Take action now and explore the full range of PPM’s duct tapes to find the perfect solution for your professional needs. Choose quality and versatility with PPM!

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