17 December 2020

6 fun DIY duct tape projects

Duct tape is a strong and versatile polyethylene high performance tape, reinforced with gauze. It’s water resistant, easy to tear and perfect for both indoor and outdoor home applications of all sorts. It’s the kind of tape that everyone should always have at hand, for any home repair emergency.


However, duct tape can be used to do way more than just repair a broken water hose or a broken vacuum cleaner. Thanks to its versatility, strong adhesive power and high tensile strength, duct tape can be used in many other clever, creative ways, that you have never even imagined before.

How to make DIY duct tape projects

Here are 6 fun DIY duct tape projects that anyone can do at home using PPM’s general-purpose duct tape:

1. Hammock

As crazy as it may sound, yes. You can use DIY duct tape to make a hammock that is strong enough to hold an adult. Just dispose stripes of the tape perpendicularly and on top of one another, creating a grid. You can style and personalize it by using different duct tape colors and, thanks to the fact that duct tape is waterproof, you can even leave the hammock outside. An easy, cost effective accessory for both indoor and outdoor applications.

2. Key wristlet

You can never have too many keychains for your keys. But sometimes, keychains can be quite heavy and take up a lot of space in your pocket or purse. Which is why it’s a great idea to use duct tape to make a DIY duct tape key wristlet that is light and practical but also effective. You can use a very bright colored duct tape, to help you recognize it right away, and make the wristlet the exact size of your wrist. Just fold a piece of duct tape around a keychain ring, and there you have it!

3. Phone case

It’s easy to get sick of the same old phone case, but why getting a new one when you can style your old phone case with a DIY duct tape pattern? You can design your own patterned phone case by applying strips of colorful duct tape onto your old one. Just be mindful to use a craft knife to carefully snip tape around your phone’s camera lens.

4. Notebook cover

Over the course of a school year, it’s easy for school supplies to get ripped and ruined. Which is why you can create a DIY duct tape cover to not only personalize, but also reinforce your notebooks and journals. Cut geometric shapes to scatter over a plain binder, or totally redesign your composition or sketchbooks by covering them completely from front to back.

5. Napkin rings

Napkin rings are a super useful tool that can help you keep your napkins tidy and in place on a perfectly set up table. However, there’s no need to get fancy. You can make cute, yet extremely simple DIY duct tape napkin rings by using a strip of cardboard, covered in duct tape. You can even personalize them by carving out letters from a different color duct tape and applying them onto your napkin rings.

6. Christmas balls

Christmas time is right around the corner and you can never have enough decorations in the house. So, if you’re looking for a fun way to make easy and cost-effective Christmas decorations with family and kids, you can use duct tape to make diy Christmas balls. Instead of buying new ones, just take your old ones and cover them in colorful duct tape. You can carve out different shapes and letters to make them unique and personalize them as you like.

DIY duct tape projects with PPM’s duct tape

As a global duct tape manufacturer, PPM has a very wide range of different duct tapes for both professional and utility application, but two of them are particularly suited to create the fun DIY duct tape projects we just showed. Let’s take a look at them:

  • 9051 Economy Grade Duct Tape: this entry level DIY duct tape is a multipurpose high-performance duct tape for daily repairs and activities with different materials and surfaces, water resistant and easy to tear. Its three-layered structure and hot melt adhesive ensure a powerful hold for a considerable time. The adhesive is designed to be applied semi-permanently.
  • 9061 Utility Grade Duct Tape: this polyethylene high performance duct tape is reinforced with gauze to guarantee even higher adhesion, holding power and tensile strength, which make it perfect for general interventions like repairs and coverage of materials that need flexibility, protection from damages and temporary sealing.

If you’re looking for a utility duct tape to get creative with, contact us! We will provide you will all the information you need.

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