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In this article, we will go over the production and features of PPM’s duct tapes:

  • Duct tape manufacturing
  • PPM’s range of duct tapes
  • Private label service


PPM Industries is a global manufacturer of duct tapes for professional and domestic use. On this page, we deepen the production process, the materials and the adhesives employed in our range of private label duct tapes.

Duct tape manufacturing

Duct tape is an effective combination of flexible backings and powerful adhesives. The manufacturing process is complex and delicate, but can be summed up in just few steps:
  1. Preparation of the synthetic rubber adhesive
  2. Preparation of the support’s components
  3. Joining of the components: the backing is ready
  4. Coating of the unwound backing with the adhesive
  5. Rewinding and cutting of the product in multiple rolls
Duct Tape Manufacturing

What really makes the difference in the manufacture of duct tapes is the adhesive and the backing structure. Duct tape is a strong tool that needs high quality, sturdy components to be effective.

The backing: double layer to ensure strength and flexibility

For the backing of our duct tapes, we use a double-layer combination of film and mesh.

The first layer is a polyethylene film that gives the tape its waterproof and elongation properties. The second layer is a strong cloth mesh designed to endow the tape with higher resistance. The mesh is also the supporting material for the adhesive coating.

The two layers are then welded together under tons of pressure to create the backing. The thickness of the backing is calibrated to impact the final price of the tape, being maximum in the professional tapes. The materials, however, are always the same high-quality film and mesh in all duct tapes.

The adhesive: extreme holding power

We manufacture our duct tapes with an adhesive based on solvent-free synthetic rubber resin, a solution that guarantees excellent tack and mechanical properties. It is a hot-melt adhesive, meaning that the components are melted at high temperature to blend together, creating a homogeneous glue that sticks on different surfaces.

Waterproof properties

The special formula of the backing gifts the tape with waterproof properties, making it a perfect ally for outdoor applications in both small home repairs and in the building sector. Discover more on the dedicated page.

Duct Tape

Our range of duct tapes

As a comprehensive duct tape manufacturer we designed our range of tapes to cover all the needs of the market from home application to professional use in difficult contexts. The range includes five different tapes, manufactured with specific features that impact on their performance and price, from the economic model to the contractor one:

Duct tape suppliers on a global scale

Did you see how PPM is a duct tape supplier with a huge offer? From professional to more DIY solutions, in our catalog you will certainly find what best suits you. That's because we take the needs of our customers seriously.

And that's not all: as duct tape suppliers, you will receive our products no matter where you are. Our shipping service is worldwide! We can reach you anywhere, even in the United States.

We are duct tape suppliers that strive to meet your needs and support you, near and far. And if all this isn't still enough, we also guarantee a private label service to customize your tapes according to your brand. Find out more about it in the next paragraph.

Private label service

If you want to expand your product range, you can rely on PPM Industries’ private label service. We manufacture custom-made tape solutions to meet any specific need. The tapes are produced with the logo and the graphic elements requested by the customer, involving the following elements:

  • Tape core
  • Shrink packaging
  • Label
  • Roll packaging
  • Shipping box
  • Shipping box label
  • Display
Duct Tape Private Label

PPM really has it all.

If you’re interested in knowing more about why PPM is different from the other average adhesive tape companies, contact us! We will gladly tell you more about us and our services.

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