Double Sided Tape Manufacturers

If you are looking for double sided tape manufacturers who offer tailor-made, private label products, PPM Industries is the answer to your needs. The Group has been producing double sided tapes for almost 30 years, meeting the needs of both home and professional markets.

As a double sided tape manufacturer with specialized experience, we developed a complete range of tapes aimed at specific applications. Anyway, beyond the technical differences between each product line, all the tapes share the same high-technological content that makes them some of the best solutions on the market.

On this page, we explore behind the scenes of a double sided tape manufacturer, sharing the process through which we produce our tapes, and introducing the range of available products.

Double sided tape manufacturing

Every double sided tape is made up of three main components:

  • The carrier: that supports the double layer of adhesive
  • The liner: the paper stripe protecting the external layer of adhesive
  • The adhesive itself, coated on both the sides of the carrier

Let’s go into details.

Double Side Tape (1)

Our double sided tape factory

Since 1993, the experience our factory gained in designing and manufacturing double-sided tapes has never disappointed our customers' expectations. And that's mainly thanks to the high innovation and technological level of our machinery.

In fact, PPM can count on two vertically integrated production and converting plants in Italy – delivering among the highest production capacities in Europe – and a plant located in India.

As a double-sided tape factory, we internally take care of the adhesive manufacturing and the carrier impregnation process – which, in this case, has to be performed on both sides of the tape.


Double sided tape components: the carrier

We manufacture the carrier from different materials, depending on the purpose of the tape. Thin clear polypropylene is employed in economical, general purpose double sided tapes, while thicker materials are used in professional products. In our premium tape, we employ polyester fabric, a resistant, flexible and durable material.

The liner

The purpose of the liner is to protect the external layer of adhesive until the tape is used. To manufacture the liner of our double sided tapes, we employ siliconized paper, an economical, waterproof material that excellently fulfils its task.

The adhesive

The adhesive is the most important element of any tape, the very core of the product. We coat our double sided tapes with synthetic rubber resin – an adhesive mixture that ensures prolonged, excellent hold. With an eye to the environment, the adhesive is completely solvent-free.

Our range of double sided tapes

Here is a preview of the double sided tapes we manufacture:

  • PPM 8030: general purpose double sided tape ideal for both consumer and professional markets. It is the ideal product for a wide range of DIY applications, fitting well to different surfaces.
  • PPM 8050: this double sided tape is specific for fastening carpets and mats to the floor. It is easy to use, hand-tearable, highly conformable and guarantees excellent adhesion on different surfaces.
  • PPM 8226: top-of-the-line product, it is a premium double sided tape for general use in professional contexts. It is hand-tearable and provides excellent hold on different surfaces.

Private Label

As a double sided tape manufacturer, we produce private label products for the international market. We offer customized, specific solutions to the companies who want to expand their product line with affordable and convenient products.

We can design the best product for your needs, streamline its production and customize its core and packaging with your company logo and color palette.

Duct Tape Private Label

PPM really has it all.

If you’re interested in knowing more about why PPM is different the other average adhesive tape companies, contact us! We will gladly tell you more about us and our services.

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