Fine Line Masking Tapes

Masking tapes for fine line results in professional and consumer applications

JWT is the range of PPM INDUSTRIES’s fine line masking tapes, designed for precision work and fine line results. These masking tapes are ideal for all applications on various surfaces where high performance is required to obtain extremely smooth and even paint edges as well as for use on delicate surfaces.

Thanks to the Japanese Washi paper and a special acrylic base adhesive, high application performance is guaranteed both indoors and outdoor.

The range of fine line masking tapes include different products for specific applications. Besides generic masking tapes for high precision jobs, JWT line includes:

  • An automotive masking tape, JWT Auto, designed for professional masking applications in car painting. JWT Auto is a high temperature masking tape that withstands the drying cycles required in booth painting;
  • A low tack masking tape, JWT LT, designed for fine line applications on delicate surfaces;
  • A waterproof masking tape, JWT HP, ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. JWT HP is a high performance masking tape with several advantages.

All fine line masking tapes are ecological products created through a solvent-free production process.

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