Water Base Adhesive Tapes

Masking tapes with water base acrylic technology

The so-called “Water base acrylic” technology is made up of acrylic adhesives in watery emulsion suitably modified for specific application in pure acrylic monomer watery dispersions.

The water in the adhesive is later evaporated and evacuated, in the same way described for the "Solvent" technology without, however, any need for fume exhaust or recovery plants.

This technology is used to create Eco-Friendly tapes (since the production process is solvent-free) with excellent chemical-physical properties, similar to those produced with solvents, but with better age and oxidation resistance.

Water base technology is mainly used in masking tapes, providing the products with a gentle adhesive that respects the application surface. PPM INDUSTRIES’ range of water base masking tapes include several products for painting, both in consumer and industrial sector:

  • A range of fine line masking tapes, designed to guarantee extremely sharp lines and even edges in all painting jobs that require extreme precision and high performance results;
  • The Design Tape™ line, created to give creative painters an endless host of decorative possibilities in painting;

A waterproof masking tape: SKY MASK, one of the most innovative and high quality products of PPM Industries’ masking tape range.

Product families
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Fine Line

JWT is the range of PPM INDUSTRIES’s fine line masking tapes, designed for precision work and fine line results. These masking tapes are ideal for ...

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Design Tape™

Increasingly more people want to explore their creativity, personalise their objects and space, create unique items where they can feel at ease. A ...

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Masking Water Resistant

Waterproof masking tapes with acrylic base technologies provide superior technical performance during both indoor and outdoor use where the applica...

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