Washi tape: the adhesive tape ideal for decorations!

What is washi tape?

From Japan but also widely used beyond its borders, washi tape is a special decorative tape, mainly used in home decor and packaging. What's special about this tape is that it is a strong adhesive yet easy to remove, thus perfect for home decor since it doesn't damage walls and surfaces when removed. Washi tape also comes in a wide range of colors to allow those with greater imagination to create original decorations that can be easily moved on a budget: on the walls in your kid's room, on gift packages, on gift cards, etc. What's more, it is used in the industrial sector and especially in the automotive sector on car bodies to create special designs.

Although foreign, washi tape is reaping success and widespread popularity in Italy due to its ductility, practicality and convenience. Sold in both single and multi-color packages, the tape easily and quickly creates fun decorating alternatives based on different types of paper, with a wide variety of bright and fun-colored patterns.

The Japanese origin is expressly clear in the name which, translated, literally means "Japanese paper". This is why most of these decorative tapes are made of rice paper and thus aesthetically more elegant and manually more practical. Understandingwhat washi tape is is just the starting point to let you imagination run wild with such a versatile product that can be used in so many different ways, from the home to the office.

PPM Industries washi tape

PPM Industries washi tapes are divided into three types to give each a distinctive and specific creative flair for each request. Our company offers three types of shaped paper tape, divided into: Shark, Surf and Cloud.

  1. TheShark washi tape is characterized by clear and definite edges for impeccable decor with sharp lines. It is an adhesive tape specific for indoor decorations but is also highly resistant to water and ultraviolet rays, also making it ideal for other purposes.
  2. The Surf washi tape, on the other hand, is characterized by a softer and rounder shape reminiscent of waves. The decoration thus becomes perfect for gentler settings with high impact, that require attentive and accurate yet less rigid decor.
  3. The Cloud washi tape is made up of a cloud-like, wavy shape, mirrored on both sides. This type of decorative tape well adapts to indoor surfaces, both following the primary pattern and crossing them to create new imaginative decorations.
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