Solvent Base Masking Tapes

Paper masking tapes with solvent technology

Masking tape with solvent base technology for masking use provides superior performance even in context where higher temperature applications must be reached. Thanks to the special chemical and physical properties of solvent adhesive tapes, these masking tapes do not leave residue when removed.

PPM Industries’ range include a wide choice of masking tapes for both general and professional use, such as applications in the construction sector or in the automotive refinish industry.

All the products listed are paper masking tapes that fit to different surfaces and guarantee swift and clean removal. The entry level line includes DIY masking tapes ideal for general indoor masking applications at home, easy to use and giving great value for money. To mask off delicate surfaces, a special low tack masking tape is provided.

High temperature masking tapes are widely used in the automotive industry, when car painting requires drying cycles in spray booths. The automotive masking tapes of the range boast high temperature resistance up to 120°C, adding quality to professional painting jobs.

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