Solvent Adhesive Tapes

Solvent adhesive tapes for masking and packaging applications

Solvent adhesive tapes are made through the so-called “Solvent” technology, which consists in preparing the adhesive through the solution of its various components, mainly solids, in a solvent suited for this purpose.

Solvent adhesives are essentially made up of resins and elastomers, organic and inorganic additives, dissolved in aliphatic solvents (hexane isomers).

The duty of the solvent is to dissolve the various components and allow them to be mixed to proceed with the subsequent cross-linking and spreading of the obtained adhesive on the support selected for the tape to be produced. Solvent is evaporated and evacuated through a series of ovens with forced heated air circulation and then sent to the recovery plant.

This technology leads to the creation of solvent adhesive tapes characterized by an excellent balance between the various chemical-physical properties, that allow for its use in a wide range of applications and even extreme working conditions, fully meeting the most stringent international environmental protection standards.

The range of PPM Industries’ solvent adhesive tapes mostly include masking tapes for many different masking needs in consumer and industrial context. Solvent based adhesives provide a gentle hold that suits perfectly the requirements of masking activities, in which the tape should prevent the so called flaking effect. Among the products of the range you can find general masking tapes for generic indoor use, or more specialized products such as waterproof masking tapes for outdoor applications and high temperature masking tapes for the automotive sector.

For this sector, PPM Industries provides a complete range of automotive masking tapes with high performances and heat resistance. Many of them also features waterproof properties.

The Solvent line is completed by packaging tapes designed to resist high temperatures, and therefore ideal for use in hot climate regions.

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