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    Home / News / S080 high performance masking tape: the universal solution to mask at high temperatures.

    S080 high performance masking tape: the universal solution to mask at high temperatures.

    PPM INDUSTRIES S080 HIGH PERFORMANCE is the perfect masking tape for all the operations which must be carried out at high temperatures.

    PPM Industries, who for decades have been amongst the largest producers of masking tape for the building industry in Europe, has in recent years turned its attention to the Automotive industry, offering to the market products with a high added value able to meet the growing needs of professionals .


    During bodywork repair activities, painting or refinishing, the use of masking tapes is vital to achieve quality results optimizing time and costs. For this reason PPM Industries over the years has 

    invested in developing a range of products able to offer reliable solutions to Automotive professionals.

    From this year the Company has launched S080 High Performance, a masking tape built up with a semi crepe resistant and conformable paper and coated with a natural rubber-based adhesive. With its characteristics in can be the universal solution for any car body operation, simplifying the choice of professionals with a one-stop product.

    Why universal? 

    Universal because S080 HP is able to resist at 90 degrees for 1 h in the oven, or under infrared lamps, but also allows professionals to compress working times operating at 110 degrees for 30 minutes, always ensuring easy removal, no breaks and no adhesive residues on the surface, reducing the cost and time of the subsequent operations.

    Universal because S080 HP can be used with both solvent and water based paints, ensuring perfect adherence to the surface as well as “back to back”.

    Universal because S080 HP has an excellent adhesion power without being aggressive on different types of surfaces such as aluminium, glass, plastic, protective paper and films, adapting perfectly to windows, windscreens, lights and trims.

    Finally universal because S080 HP conforms to both flat and curved surfaces, without lifting or falling during exposure to high temperatures due to its high adhesive cohesion.

    S080 HP is the best partner for Automotive professionals.

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