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    Home / News / PPM Industries, first masking tape manufacturer company FSC® certified in Europe

    PPM Industries, first masking tape manufacturer company FSC® certified in Europe

    PPM Industries S.p.A, is the first european masking tape manufacturer, who respecting the envirement, obtained the international certification from Forest Stewardship Council (acronym FSC®).


    FSC® is a non-profit, multi-stakeholder organization, devoted to encouraging the responsible management of the world’s forests and has developed the most recongnised scheme for sustainable forestry and traceability of forest products.
    FSC® logo is intended to signify that the product comes from a responsible source, environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable.
    PPM Industries S.p.A. engagement is to offer a FSC® certified version of the masking tape product range produced with hot melt technology. In particular, we refer to all paper tape made using this technology, used especially in construction and DIY sectors.

    The purpose of PPM Industries S.p.A. is to continue to improve quality and standard policy in an environmentally responsible manner. This is the reason why PPM Industries S.p.A. extend the product range to FSC® certified products, developed with raw materials that came from a mixture well-managed forests and recycled materials.

    The masking tapes of PPM Industries S.p.A., made with raw materials that came from  sustainable forests, are marked with the following logo:

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