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    Home / News / PPM and No Curves for Tape Art

    PPM and No Curves for Tape Art

    NO CURVES is one of the major representatives of Tape Art worldwide who has been collaborating with PPM for the realization of his works of art for some years now.

    Mercabot is the project born in collaboration with Sogemi and Sara Baroni. NO CURVES tells an antithesis of concepts between dexterity (market) and automation (robot). In the Mercato Ortofrutticolo of Milan have been exposed his amazing paintings. The works are the expression of a futuristic street art accompanied by clear and geometric lines that the adhesive tapes are able to reproduce perfectly.

    The adhesive tapes used by NO CURVES are our new products 3610. Colored. Water resistant. Perfect adhesion to different surfaces.

    Other types of adhesive tapes are intertwined in his masterpieces to give different visual sensations in his subjects, such as the range of duct tape in different colors, double-sided tape and strapping tape.


    PPM is the official sponsor of Mercabot.

    “The adhesive tape is my art tool, the cut is the necessary gesture to “dilute” the color. With the new PPM adhesive tapes we have tried to carry out a new layered technique, trying to synthesize the various colors to create a direct connection between classical inspiration and color philosophy and technique, in order to become a Renaissance masterpiece with futuristic features.”– NO CURVES


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