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    Home / News / Industrial double sided tape: features and qualities

    Industrial double sided tape: features and qualities

    When choosing an industrial double sided tape you should focus on some key features, in order to provide yourself with a product suitable for professional use. Obviously, not all the tapes are the same: an industrial double sided tape comes as an enhanced version of general-use products, standing out with some specific technical features. Let’s see how to read them.


    To better understand the technical features that a good industrial double sided tape must have, we take as a benchmark a product by PPM Industries, 8226 double sided tape. 8226 is a cloth tape specifically designed for professional use, especially for flooring applications in the furnishing sector, but also for fastening objects on vertical surfaces. To better suit these needs, 8226 has been engineered with some specific features:

    • Significant thickness to provide a strong support: the thickness of an industrial double sided tape is aimed at enhancing its resistance to mechanical stress and its capability of supporting weights even on a vertical plane. 8226 features a thickness of 200µm, a value much higher than the thickness of a generic double sided tape (in this kind of tape, this value is usually around 100-120 µm).
    • High peel adhesion to guarantee a powerful hold: in an industrial double sided tape, the strength of the carrier must be paired with the hold of the adhesive, expressed by the peel adhesion value. 8226 provides a strong hold of > 7,2 N/cm, a value that nearly reaches the hold of some of the strongest duct tapes on the market. The secret lies in the kind of adhesive used in the tape: Hot-Melt technology provides some of the most powerful adhesives known, particularly effective for indoor applications.
    • Ability to adapt to multiple surfaces: a good industrial double sided tape should be assessed also by its capability of adhering to different surfaces. The best products guarantee an effective hold no matter what the application surface is, keeping objects in place for long term and even permanent applications. Always make sure the industrial double sided tape you are choosing is guaranteed for multiple surface applications.

    In addition to these qualities, 8226 industrial double sided tape also features other advantages: for example, the tape is easy to unwind and can be torn by hand, so you won’t need scissors or other cutting tools while doing your job. Its application is fast and easy, and the tape can be removed with a simple gesture without breaking. If you need a professional tool for flooring or mounting applications, 8226 is for sure the best choice for you!

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