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    Fine Line Collection

    PPM Industries presents a brand new collection of adhesive tapes dedicated to the Fine Line: JWT Collection


    JWT Collection products are designed for precision work, are ideal for all applications on various surfaces where high performance is required to obtain extremely smooth and even paint edges as well as for use on delicate surfaces.

    Thanks to the Japanese Washi paper and a special acrylic base adhesive, high application performance is guaranteed both indoor and outdoor.

    JWTFine Line – Indoor paper masking tape

    Used by construction sector professionals for complex and precision work those require extremely smooth and precise edges.

    JWT is a product mainly designed for indoor use that perfectly adapts to multiple surfaces such as PVC, glass, wood, aluminium and concrete walls.

    JWT LT: Fine Line – Indoor Low Tack paper masking tape

    JWT LT tape was designed to ensure high performance when high paint precision is required to obtain extremely smooth edges on delicate surfaces.

    JWT LT is the ideal product for use on surfaces and applications such as wallpaper, renovations, touch-ups and finishes, where special adhesive performance and specific “low tack” properties are required.

    JWT HP: Fine Line – Outdoor High Performance paper masking tape

    JWT HP tape is a product specifically designed for outdoor use, in order to obtain extremely smooth and precise paint edges. Thanks to its special adhesive formula, it has excellent weather, UV ray and extreme temperature resistance.

    JWT HP is a product designed to perfectly adapt to multiple surfaces such as PVC, glass, wood, aluminium, cement walls and Forex®.

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