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    Home / News / Duct tape manufacturer: the range of duct tapes by PPM Industries

    Duct tape manufacturer: the range of duct tapes by PPM Industries

    If you are looking for a duct tape manufacturer with a range of products for both consumer and industrial use, you are in the right place. PPM INDUSTRIES produces a range of duct tapes to cover all the application needs, with high quality products and convenient prices.


    PPM has been a duct tape manufacturer for more than twenty years. During this time, PPM gained a specialized know how to engineer a complete range of duct tapes, created to meet all the needs of the customers with solutions for both DIY applications and industrial use. Let’s discover all of them.


    Duct tape 9051

    9051 duct tape is the entry level product of PPM’s range. Its multi-layer structure makes it thick enough to provide good mechanical resistance and tensile strength, ideal for a wide array of applications for mounting, small repairs and other home uses. 9051 can fit many different surfaces and guarantees a powerful hold for prolonged time. The product is available in a wide range of colors to meet all the requirements of the market.

    Duct tape 9061

    As a duct tape manufacturer, PPM Industries is aware of the need for versatile products that can adapt to both domestic and industrial use. 9061 duct tape is the perfect example of a universal tool with endless applications: emergency repairs, mounting applications, protection from damages, sealing in both high-tension and wet conditions… 9061 is ideal for both consumer and industrial use and offers great tensile strength and waterproof properties.

    Duct tape 9062

    9062 duct tape can be described as an improved version of 9061. It’s a universal and flexible duct tape with superior performance, ideal for many applications in DIY, industrial and construction sector. This duct tape is manufactured to resist outdoor conditions such as wet and low temperatures, and is therefore a perfect solution also for specific applications, i.e. asbestos removal and sealing.

    Duct tape 9081

    PPM Industries’ experience as an international duct tape manufacturer gives its best results at the top of the range, with excellence products such as 9081 duct tape. 9081 is an all-weather duct tape that resists wet and extreme temperature from -10°C to 60°C, once applied. It provides strong adhesion for semi-permanent applications, fitting different surfaces and guaranteeing excellent conformability.

    Duct tape 9092

    9092 duct tape is the top product of the range. It boasts excellent features such as high conformability, high mechanical resistance, waterproof properties, extreme temperature resistance (from -10°C to 60°C, once applied) and adhesion to different surfaces. Thanks to these qualities, 9092 is used for professional applications in building renovation and in the construction sector, as a repairing tool for heavy-duty tasks.

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