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    Home / News / Double sided tapes: solutions for home applications

    Double sided tapes: solutions for home applications

    Double sided tapes are among the most used products for mounting applications, both for home and industrial use. Compared to glue, they are much easier to dispose of, much cleaner and faster. If you don’t have a double sided tape at home yet, you should read this article to discover the endless applications this versatile tape can provide.


    Ever wondered how many things you can do with a good double sided tape? This product is one of the universal tool used in DIY activities and can provide a host of useful applications. Let’s see some examples:

    Double sided tapes for mounting plates and plaques

    One of the principal use of double sided tapes is in mounting applications, when it’s necessary to have a quick and reliable tool to stick plates, plaques and other small objects onto walls or other surfaces such as doors. Double sided tapes for this task are intended for semi-permanent application, as they tend to lose adhesive power over time, just like the most common glues on the market. The best products, however, guarantee long-term hold.


    Double sided tapes for DIY jobs with wood, paper, plastic and rubber

    As mounting tools, double sided tapes find wide application in DIY creative jobs to stick together different components made of various materials: wood, plastic, glass, rubber, paper, cardboard, metal… In all these cases, it is important to choose a double sided tape that can fit multiple surfaces, so to always have a good adhesion.

    Double sided tapes for carpet bonding and other flooring applications

    Double sided tapes are used both in the consumer and industrial sector for flooring applications, to fasten carpets and mats to the floor. For general applications at home you can choose a regular double sided tape, but if you want to improve the quality of the job or bring it to a professional level, you can use a dedicated floor tape. Floor tapes – also known as carpet tapes – are special double sided tapes designed for flooring applications.


    Whatever you choose, make sure to use a double sided tape that fits different materials.


    Are you looking for reliable double sided tapes?

    Take a look at PPM Industries double sided tape range!

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