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    Home / News / Double sided carpet tape: the tape for exhibitions

    Double sided carpet tape: the tape for exhibitions

    Double sided carpet tape is an extensively used product in flooring, one of the most important tasks in staging and installing any kind of exhibition. In this process, carpets and rugs must be fastened strongly to the floor, using a proper tool that pairs ease of application with efficiency in carpet bonding.


    Nowadays we can find on the market a wide range of products suitable for flooring, each of them with its own qualities and weaknesses. However, double sided carpet tape is still the most used solution, as it brings a long series of advantages that other products don’t provide.


    Compared with glue, a tape is much faster to use and to apply on the desired surface. In addition, it is cleaner: any glue could easily bleed out the surface and stick to the areas nearby, while a tape stays in place for long periods, guaranteeing a strong and precise bonding over time.

    Ease of use

    The best double sided carpet tapes provide an easy application, for a quick and swift job. Thanks to the resistance of their backing – known as tensile resistance – they can unwind easily and withstand mechanical stresses such as tearing and ripping. For the same reason, they can be removed without breaking.


    If you are looking for a double sided carpet tape, make sure it is produced with a technology that ensures a strong application. The best products on the market are created with hot-melt adhesives, which are among the strongest known in the field. It’s the same kind of adhesive used for the production of duct tapes, the renowned tapes for repairing and mounting. As a result, a good double sided carpet tape guarantees excellent carpet bonding, for steady flooring applications.


    One of the most prominent qualities of double sided carpet tapes is the ability to adhere to different surfaces, giving the benefit of a product that can be used for a wide range of applications. No matter if you have to fasten carpets, rugs, felts or other kind of floorings: the best carpet tapes can fit all of them, performing a flexibility which is rare in other products.

    Are you curious to discover some of the best double sided carpet tapes on the market?

    Visit the page dedicated to hot-melt double sided tapes!

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