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    Customizable acrylic tape suppliers

    Not all adhesives are the same. Which one is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and moisture conditions, and adhering to a wide variety of surfaces? Choosing the right adhesive polymer is often the difference between success and failure. We, as acrylic tape suppliers, are here to show you everything you need to know about acrylic tape.


    manufacturing acrylic tape


    As acrylic tape suppliers, we are here to help you understand what acrylic tape is and in what conditions it performs best. Also, we will show you how we can customize your acrylic tape supply according to your brand image and identity.


    What is acrylic tape?

    Acrylic tape is either water- or solvent-based. This kind of adhesive tape is naturally tacky, so it doesn’t require as many additives during the manufacturing process as other types of adhesive.

    With a good balance of adhesion, shear, and tack, tapes with acrylic adhesive systems are resistant to extreme temperatures and UV rays. They are easily adaptable to many surfaces and guarantee high performances in a very wide application temperature range.


    man using acrylic tape on a wall


    What are the advantages of acrylic tape?

    As acrylic tape suppliers who are here to help you understand the properties of acrylic tape a little better, here is a list of all its advantages:

    • Guarantees incredible durability and longevity on many different surfaces;
    • Offers great resistance when exposed to extreme temperatures, UV light, chemicals, or oxidation;
    • Doesn’t fade its color or turn yellow with time;
    • It’s considered a “greener” or more environmentally friendly option since it doesn’t pollute landfills.


    acrylic tape on a wooden structure


    Acrylic tape suppliers: PPM’s selection

    We are acrylic tape suppliers who can provide you with a full and diversified range of washi paper tapes made with an acrylic adhesive:

    • 5010 Painter’s Universal Fine Line Masking Tape: this professional high-performance fine line acrylic tape is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications and it’s designed to resist even the harshest weather conditions, up to three months;



    • 5020 Painter’s Low Tack Fine Line Masking Tape: this high-performance low tack acrylic tape is specifically designed to answer professional painters’ needs. It ensures extremely smooth, clean, and sharp paint edges while protecting freshly painted surfaces;





    • 5210 Painter’s Blue Outdoor Masking Tape: this professional blue outdoor high-performance tape with a technical acrylic based adhesive is designed to withstand moisture, UV rays, high and low temperatures for up to 30 days. It’s compatible with both solvent and water-based paints and it assures easy and clean removal without leaving any residue.



    B2B private label acrylic tape suppliers

    We are not your typical acrylic tape suppliers. We also offer you the possibility of personalizing your range of acrylic tape with your own logo. Our B2B private label service is a great opportunity for your brand to stand out with an acrylic tape line that is completely personalized, to best reflect your brand identity.


    round label

    Interested in our services as acrylic tape suppliers? Get in touch! We will be happy to show you all that we can do for you and your brand.

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