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    Home / News / 5 uses for masking tape that will blow your mind

    5 uses for masking tape that will blow your mind

    Although it’s commonly used to mask areas while painting or to label supplies, masking tape it’s actually extremely versatile and can be used in many different ways around the house.

    Masking tape is very practical, that’s for sure, and it allows for many different uses. But while you’re probably thinking at the most common ones, you should know that there are many more that you wouldn’t normally even think of.


    Using masking tape differently

    Here is a list of 5 clever and unexpected ways to use masking tape:


    1.     Keep your paint cans tidy and clean

    During a paint job, it’s easy to spill paint everywhere. You can cover surfaces and objects around you, but no one ever really thinks about the paint cans; when you’re done, they’re usually all dripping in paint, which makes it impossible to carry them around without smearing paint all over the place. In order to avoid that, you can cover the rim of the can with masking tape and then remove it when you’re done painting. That way, you’ll have nice and clean paint cans that you can easily store anywhere.



    2.     Support as glue dries off

    If you’re gluing two pieces together and need to hold them in place while the glue dries off, you can secure them with masking tape; then, when the glue is dry, you can easily remove the tape without leaving any residue.


    3.     Hole depth while drilling

    When you’re drilling a hole in a wall and need to be accurate on the depth you’re drilling, measure the depth on a drill bit and place a piece of masking tape to mark the desired point. Then, drill the surface and stop when you get to the tape.


    4.     Protection while cutting

    If you have to cut, for example, a laminated board with a saw, you can apply a strip of masking tape and cut through it. The tape will prevent the blade from slipping and the surface from chipping as the saw cuts through.


    5.     Wrapping up furniture fixings

    When moving, you usually have to disassemble furniture, fittings and fixtures that have all sorts of “little parts”: screws, hooks, handles, brackets. To avoid those little parts from going missing, you can wrap them in masking tape and fix them to their belonging “big part”, to make sure that nothing goes missing when reassembling.


    These are just a few ideas, but masking tape can be used for many other purposes and PPM has a wide range of masking tapes, ideal for all of them. If you’d like to know more about how to use masking tape, I suggest you read this article.


    Using PPM’s masking tape

    PPM has a very large selection of many different masking tapes, for all professional and utility applications. Here, we are going to take a look at 4 of the most “basic” ones, perfect for these not so conventional uses:

    • 6009 Entry Level Masking Tape: this is the tape that everyone should always keep inside their kitchen drawer, because you never know when you’re going to need it. It’s ideal for basic indoor applications at steady temperatures and it has a great quality-price balance.


    • 6010 General Use Masking Tape: this tape is very practical and versatile, also recommended for general indoor use at steady temperatures; it sticks well to multiple and irregular surfaces and is compatible with both solvent and water-based paints.


    • 2010 Painter’s Multi-Purpose Masking Tape: thanks to its versatility, this tape is suitable for both professional and DIY entry level applications; it guarantees good adhesion on multiple surfaces and it allows for a quick and easy removal, with no residues.


    • 2020 Painter’s Basic Masking Tape: versatile and cost effective, this professional and DIY masking tape for general indoor painting jobs guarantees great temperature resistance, up to 55°C; it tears easily, sticks reliably and assures clean and quick removal within 24 hours.


    If you want to explore all of PPM’s uses for masking tape, contact us! We will show you our entire selection.

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