Masking Tape

Masking tape is an adhesive paper tape with high adhesive capability but easy to remove. It is mainly used in hobby works, to protect window and door frames, floor boards and portions of walls to be painted. Thus, masking tape is placed on the surfaces bordering the wall to be painted. The technique, easy and fast, mainly avoids smears but can also be used to create very simple decorative motifs. It is thus important to use a specific tape, since using a common paper tape or any other similar device would risk compromising the same precision at the end of work in addition to the more difficult placement of the tape itself.

Considering that the use of masking tape can change enormously, concerning both indoor and outdoor environments, it is essential to use one suited to the specific purpose so that it perfectly adheres to the surface. There are, in fact, many types of products that differ according to the material on which they are used (wood, wall, plastic, glass, aluminum) and according to whether the surface is smooth or rough. Furthermore, outdoormasking tapeuse are specifically constructed to best resist sunlight, humidity, wind and climate changes. Wallpapered walls should not be overlooked, that require an especially gentle masking tape that is still able to prevent paint smears.

Masking tape features

Masking tapeThanks to the special masking tape features, this tape can be used in a myriad of ways, not just for hobby work but also for professional work on various types of surfaces. Masking tape is the perfect way to protect car window gaskets from spray paint, guaranteeing a full and even paint coat without touching the gaskets. Similarly, this tape can be used to cover foam rubber on machines, door frames, wall decorations and corner floor boards.

PPM Industries masking tape

As regards masking tape, PPM Industries guarantees an ample range of products best suited to specific needs.

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