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    About our products, technology, people and what makes us stick
    Filament tape VS Duct tape: which one is the right one?

    Mmm, decisions decisions. So many options and so little time to get things done. Don’t worry, PPM is here to help you clear out all doubts and show you which tape is the right one for you. First of all: not all tapes are the same. Filament tape and duct tape are very different from one another and are used in completely different settings. Depending on the job you need to get done, one is more appropriate than the other. Let’s take a look at both of them. Filament tape VS Duct tape: components and applications Filament tape is a hot melt adhesive tape used for medium and heavy-duty bundling, packaging and fastening operations and it’s usually made of 3 different components: A BOPP backing (biaxially oriented polypropylene) Fiberglass inserts, embedded into the backing Hot melt adhesive The nature of its components makes filament tape extremely strong and resistant, with great holding power and tensile strength. For this reason, filament tape is specifically used to wrap heavy cardboard boxes, bundle heavy items together, difficult pallet fastening and general reinforcement applications in both the industrial and consumer field. Depending on the weight and size of the objects to bundle, a different…

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    Hot melt adhesive tape: what’s the difference with acrylic tape?

    As you know, hot melt adhesive tape and acrylic tape are very different. Therefore, since choosing the right tape for your application guarantees a well-done job, you want to think very carefully about which one to choose. PPM is here to help you compare the two options and figure out


    Best carpet tape: 3 reasons to choose PPM’s Double-Sided Film Tape

    You’re about to start flooring the garage, and need something to secure the tiles to the floor? Or maybe carpeting the laundry room? Or again, you have to paint the bedroom’s walls and need to fasten felt mats to the floor to not get paint everywhere? Whatever might be the


    Q1® becomes Official Partner of Ducati Corse

      PPM Industries is proud to announce that its Q1® brand have become the new official partner of Ducati Corse, the racing division of Italian high performance motorcycle manufacturer, Ducati Motor Holdings S.p.A. With a number of shared values including speed, performance engineering, and of course an Italian heritage, Q1® and


    PPM Industries, one of the leading FSC® certified masking tape manufacturer company in Europe

    PPM Industries S.p.A, is one of the leading European masking tape manufacturer, who respecting the environment, obtained the international certification from Forest Stewardship Council (acronym FSC®).   FSC® is a non-profit, multi-stakeholder organization, devoted to encouraging the responsible management of the world’s forests and has developed the most recognized scheme for


    Need a packing tape manufacturer that won’t let you down? PPM has got it all

    Packing tape is essential when you’re moving and you need to secure all of your goods inside cardboard boxes, without risking them all falling out. It needs to be strong and effective, especially if the boxes are particularly heavy. But, if you think that moving is the only occasion in


    Automotive masking tape manufacturers: this is how we do it

    PPM is your entrusted automotive masking tape manufacturers, with a wide range of professional and performing products. We present them below, but before: have you ever wondered how we produce our masking tapes? The 3 step of an automotive masking tape manufacturing To manufacture each automotive masking tape, we follow


    Features of the best masking tape for automotive painting

    Five are the characteristics of the best masking tape for automotive painting: resistance to high temperatures, easy removal without traces, easy to tear, conformability to curved lines, compatible with the most common paints.     In order to get the best result when painting and refinishing the bodywork of a


    Pressure-sensitive adhesive: may the three forces be with you

    In a pressure-sensitive adhesive, three different forces are at work: tack, adhesion and cohesion. Here’s a brief definition of each and an explanation of how the different combinations between the three give rise to different kind of adhesives.   To create a high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, manufacturers take into considerations 3


    Automotive masking tape: customize your masking tape supply

      Automotive masking tape is an indispensable tool in any body shop. So why not brand your masking tape supply and expand the strength of your brand in all your customer body shops? Discover our automotive masking tape supply and how you can ask our private label service. Automotive masking


    Water resistant tape: some examples from PPM full range

    Are you looking for a water resistant tape? PPM Industries manufactures and supplies different kinds of waterproof tapes, each aimed at a specific use. In this article, we browse some of the best from our range, highlighting their suggested application, so to help you understand which tape is the best


    Adhesive tape suppliers: a universal tool suppliers

    PPM is among the best adhesive tape suppliers since 1993: find out the full range of products including our private label service.     What does it mean to be an adhesive tape supplier? For many, it simply means producing good quality adhesive tape and reselling it as quickly as


    Professional painting: 2 cases requiring special fine line masking tapes

    The professional fine line masking tapes can be declined in different varieties, depending on the particular use they are intended for: we propose two special cases in which a specific tape is necessary.   Professional painting always require high performance masking tapes in order to guarantee a precise, state-of-the-art work:

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