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    About our products, technology, people and what makes us stick
    PPM launches New Corporate Identity to rearticulate its values

    New corporate identity underscores PPM’s commitment to evolve customer expectations With everything we do, we aim to be a strategic partner when it comes to manufacturing adhesive tapes. PPM Industries is a leading European manufacturer of masking, duct and other adhesive tape and a trusted partner for B2B customers worldwide. On its 25-year anniversary we realized we need to make a radical brake away from the past. In 25 years PPM had grown to became a major industrial group, but it’s image was no longer capable of doing its justice. Today PPM is an international group of above 400 employees in Italy, UK and India. Our new manufacturing site in India marks our entry into the Asia-Pacific market. The launch of Q1®, a premium brand for the automotive aftermarket, in the UK and the US in 2017 was a very important milestone in the history of PPM. Our new corporate identity, which will you also find browsing this website, is the natural emblem of our growth and maturity. It's an image that represents the PPM of today. We began from brand design to its applications in all spheres. For the logo, we sought a sign that would point to the…

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    Double sided tapes: solutions for home applications

    Double sided tapes are among the most used products for mounting applications, both for home and industrial use. Compared to glue, they are much easier to dispose of, much cleaner and faster. If you don’t have a double sided tape at home yet, you should read this article to discover


    What temperatures should automotive masking tape withstand?

    High temperature resistance is one of the key features of automotive masking tape and other masking solutions for the car refinishing sector. In this article, we deepen a topic that sometimes arises confusion in the field: what temperatures is a masking tape required to withstand during an average painting procedure?


    How to mask off a room for painting?

    Is it one of your first painting jobs and you don’t know how to mask paint properly? Here is a brief guide with suggestions about how to use masking tape properly and choose the best product for every need, in order to save time, money and improve quality.   How


    Duct tape manufacturer: the range of duct tapes by PPM Industries

    If you are looking for a duct tape manufacturer with a range of products for both consumer and industrial use, you are in the right place. PPM INDUSTRIES produces a range of duct tapes to cover all the application needs, with high quality products and convenient prices.   PPM has


    Industrial double sided tape: features and qualities

    When choosing an industrial double sided tape you should focus on some key features, in order to provide yourself with a product suitable for professional use. Obviously, not all the tapes are the same: an industrial double sided tape comes as an enhanced version of general-use products, standing out with

    Auto collision repair and refinishing: smart repair equipment

    Auto collision repair and refinishing: smart repair equipment

    Many of the vehicles that pass through a body shop have only minor damage, and consequently need limited treatment in short time. In this article, we discover the best solutions to deal smartly with small repairs, improving efficiency and saving time and money. When dealing with small repairs, the key elements


    What are the features of a good outdoor masking tape?

    When painting outdoor or in tough environment conditions, good results are guaranteed when using an outdoor masking tape, a product that boasts specific features to resist extreme temperature, water and wet. In this article we introduce 5210, a product that exemplifies the recommended technical features of a high quality outdoor


    Filament tape: the best product for bundling and packaging

    Filament tape is a versatile packaging product for light, medium and heavy duty applications in any sector. The tape is suitable to close corrugated cardboard boxes, bundle items and provide general reinforcement; in addition, filament tape is particularly recommended for pallet securing. Keep reading the article if you want to

    How to prepare a vehicle for painting in booth

    How to prepare a vehicle for painting in booth

    In professional automotive refinishing, the preparation of the vehicle for painting is as much important as the job itself. Appropriate preparation requires a good mix of masking, degreasing, dust removing and booth performance: let’s see how to perform them.   First step: cleaning and degreasing Before proceeding with masking operations

    Abrasivi, vernici, nastri di mascheratura per la carrozzeria dell’auto: tutto quello che ti serve per verniciare l’auto

    Abrasives, paints, auto body masking tape: what you need for automotive painting

    Automotive painting involves many different tools and techniques, especially when performed at professional level. Abrasives, paints and auto body masking tape are for sure the most used products, each of them with its specific purpose. Let’s start from them to deepen this complex world.   Abrasives Abrasives are a wide

    How to use masking tape: the brief guide by PPM Industries

    How to use masking tape: the brief guide by PPM Industries

    During the painting of walls and ceilings, you often need to protect nearby surfaces – such as doors or windows jambs – from paint bleeding and splashes. To cover them in the most efficient way, a good masking tape is the best solution. Let’s see some advices to apply and

    La lunga storia del nastro adesivo telato

    The long history of duct tape

    Born in the early 1940’s from the brilliant idea of a worried mother, duct tape soon developed up to becoming one of the most used products in the world. Behind a simple item hides a rich and long history of ideas and unexpected adventures.   Vesta Stoudt was mother of

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