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    About our products, technology, people and what makes us stick
    Industrial packaging tape: how to choose the right one for you

    In the industrial field there’s always a need for economic, safe, quick and easy palletizing and bundling solutions. However, with so many options available today, it can be hard sometimes to navigate the market and find the right one for you. Don’t worry, PPM can help with that. Here’s our solution to all your palletizing, sealing and bundling needs: industrial packaging tape.     What is industrial packaging tape? When talking about industrial packaging tape, we are referring to a pressure sensitive tape with a very high tensile strength that allows for bundling applications, carton closing and sealing, reinforced packaging, palletizing heavy loads and securing products during stocking or shipment. However, not all industrial packaging tape is the same! You will have to look at two specific kinds of tape: Filament tape; Strapping tape. Not sure which industrial packaging tape is most suited to answer your needs? Ask us! And we will assist you with a personalized consultation. [bottone testo="Contact us"]   Types of industrial packaging tape: filament & strapping tape So, which one is the right one for you? Well, there’s no correct answer per se. It all really depends on the circumstances in which you’ll need to use…

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    6 fun DIY duct tape projects

    Duct tape is a strong and versatile polyethylene high performance tape, reinforced with gauze. It’s water resistant, easy to tear and perfect for both indoor and outdoor home applications of all sorts. It’s the kind of tape that everyone should always have at hand, for any home repair emergency.  However,


    Washi masking tape: welcome the newest members of our range!

    PPM has a complete range of selected washi painter’s tapes, ideal for masking surfaces during professional painting jobs, both indoor and outdoor. Today, we welcome 2 new members to the family! Let’s take a closer look at them and how they help step up the overall quality of the entire


    Removable double-sided carpet tape, in case you change your mind

    Having constructions done at your house is an exciting process. New paint, new look. However, the process itself can be rather stressful. Construction guys spilling paint everywhere, leaving their dusty shoe prints all over the floor. Nobody wants that. Which is why you need a removable double-sided carpet tape to


    What is masking tape? Let’s see what it’s made of and used for

    We know it can be used for many purposes and applications, but really: what is masking tape? What is it made of? What is it used for? Let’s answer these questions once and for all. Masking tape is a lightly adhesive, easy to unwind and easy to tear paper tape,


    5 uses for masking tape that will blow your mind

    Although it’s commonly used to mask areas while painting or to label supplies, masking tape it’s actually extremely versatile and can be used in many different ways around the house. Masking tape is very practical, that’s for sure, and it allows for many different uses. But while you’re probably thinking


    Double-sided tape: how to use it in 4 quick and easy ways

    In recent years, double-sided tape has been slowly but surely replacing glue, when it comes to fastening and mounting, both temporarily and permanently, in building and construction works of all sorts. Why? Because it’s faster to apply, holds to perfection, doesn’t make a mess and it’s easier to remove. Double-sided


    Painter’s tape VS Masking tape: what is the difference?

    To a non-expert eye, painter’s tape and masking tape might look just the same. They both have a crepe paper backing, that’s true; but they have a few characteristics that make them consistently different from one another. Let’s see here the differences between painter’s tape and masking tape. Masking tape


    6 masking tape tips and painting techniques for a flawless paint job

    The most important thing when approaching a paint job is to make sure to have the correct tape for the job. True. But if you have no idea how to properly apply and remove the tape, for example, then it all goes south pretty quickly. Don’t worry, PPM is here


    Low tack masking tape: ideal for your most delicate jobs

    Painting can be a very tricky job, for both professional and non-professional painters. It’s important to understand that not every masking tape works for all applications: the surface you have to paint on is ultimately what dictates which tape you should use. So, what to do when the surface is


    Warning tape: the perfect solution to mark off hazard and safety areas

    In a time where social distancing has become part of our daily routine, and is most likely going to stay for a while, we have been forced to rethink our concept of personal and social space. Now more than ever, there is a need for an adhesive floor marking tape


    How long to leave painter’s tape on after painting? Let’s find out

    When doing a painting job, protecting surfaces with a masking tape that holds well without leaving any residue is key in order to obtain a precise final result. Perfectly even edges and no smudges are guaranteed with a quality masking tape. However, a question still remains: how long to leave


    Filament tape VS Duct tape: which one is the right one?

    Mmm, decisions decisions. So many options and so little time to get things done. Don’t worry, PPM is here to help you clear out all doubts and show you which tape is the right one for you. First of all: not all tapes are the same. Filament tape and duct

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