Hot Melt packaging tapes

High adhesive packaging tapes, strapping and filament tapes

Hot Melt packaging tapes are ideal for those who seek excellent corrugated cardboard or packaging box adherence. Hot Melt technology is, in fact, among those that guarantee the strongest adhesive power.

Hot Melt adhesive tapes for the packaging sector include regular packaging tapes created with unique combinations of paper backings and Hot Melt adhesives, featuring good or excellent tensile strength and slip resistance. These products are perfect to seal cardboard boxes.

Strapping tapes and filament tapes, designed for a more industrial use in various production processes and to ship safely heavy materials, complete the range.

Strapping tapes are suited for generic reinforcements, industrial packaging and pallet fastening, due to their excellent tensile strength.

Filament tapes are provided with longitudinal fiberglass reinforcements, making them the ideal products to bond items and secure pallets.

Packaging Paper Tape
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