Hot-Melt Duct Tape

Duct tapes for DIY and industrial applications

The Duct Tape range developed by PPM Industries is ideal for all extreme applications during repairs, hobby works, packaging and more. The line includes entry-level duct tapes as well as professional products, covering all the needs of the market.

Thanks to the use of special reinforcement gauze that guarantees a quick and precise tear, coupled with various LDPE thickness and special adhesive formulas, the range offers a choice of duct tapes designed to be used in a wide range of conditions and applications, both indoor and outdoor.

For home application you can choose a DIY duct tape among indoor products or waterproof duct tapes for outdoor use.

Professional duct tapes are recommended for application in the construction sector: among the products designed for this field, we mention waterproof duct tapes, high temperature duct tapes, low temperature duct tapes and tough duct tapes for outdoor and heavy-duty tasks.

Browse the page and click on the products to find the best duct tape for your needs.

PPM Industries is a skilled duct tape manufacturer with more than twenty years of experience. You are welcome to contact us at any time for any information.

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