Hot Melt Double Sided Tapes

Double sided tapes for both industrial and home applications

PPM Industries’ range of double sided adhesive tapes, designed for both industrial and home applications, and for use in the furnishing sector. All the products of the range are Hot Melt adhesive tapes, created through a technology that enhances their adhesive power and guarantees excellent hold for prolonged time.

The products include DIY double sided tapes for fast and easy use for home improvements and general mounting applications to fasten objects on vertical surfaces. For the industrial sector, PPM provides industrial double sided tapes with improved performances and enhanced features, to ensure best results in every professional context.

For the furnishing sector the range includes double sided carpet tapes for flooring applications with different materials, designed for semi-permanent or permanent use. All double sided adhesive tapes are designed to fit to different surfaces.

PPM Industries is a double sided tape manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in providing adhesive solutions for professional use. If you are looking for the best double sided tape, you are in the right place. Browse the products to find the most suitable tape for your needs.

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