High temperature masking tape

High temperature masking tape is used in various sectors such as construction, decoration, DIY and the automotive sector.

Mainly made of an impregnated paper support, this adhesive tape is certainly highly versatile in use and used to protect surfaces in paint and lacquering processes where it must guarantee both accurate shapes and the lack of release at removal. As far as masking tapes go, high temperature ones can be used in the construction field in general but more specifically used in the automotive, aerospace and naval sectors.

Their main function is to seal or protect surfaces both during paint stages and during subsequent drying stages at temperatures from 60°Cup to 120°C.

High temperature adhesive tape: features

There are different types of high temperature masking tapes according to the technology and adhesive used. These are generally made of impregnated smooth or semi-crepe paper and finished with a standard or water resistant release. There can be different types of adhesives, mainly natural gum based, but also acrylic and silicone, but never synthetic gum.

Discover PPM Industries products

PPM Industriesoffers a wide assortment of adhesive masking tape suited for high temperatures, from 60° C up to 120° C, thus meeting the many needs in the various fields of application. Products that resist high temperatures manufactured by PPM mainly have a solvent-based natural gum adhesive and water-based acrylic adhesive and are made of semi-crepe or rice paper.

The high temperature range includes masking tapes that also have a special finish that makes them water resistant, becoming ideal for processes that use hydropaint or water-based paints. The wide range of high temperature masking tapes manufactured by PPM Industries ensures that anyone can find the one that best meets his needs and sector.

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