Duct tape

American Tape, also called duct tape is a simple and practical tool with strong adhesive power.

It is used in both the home and in more specialized sectors, for emergency repairs on almost any surface. Made up of a plastic support coupled with gauze, generally synthetic, it is a highly resistant product suited for any situation: this makes it a well-loved item for both home repairs and industrial and military applications.

The sectors where duct tape is widely used include motorcycling, used to repair and join body parts and, concerning astronautics, it is one of the essential components in an astronaut's space ship tool box.

It was even used during NASA Apollo missions: thanks to this tape the troubled Apollo 13 mission crew members were able to adjust the moon module's carbon dioxide filter and return home safe and sound.

And let's not forget this product's original field of application, the military: tape variants are still American and other military vehicle construction parts.

Duct Tape: the features

Duct Tape's main feature is its strong adhesive capacity and, naturally, its resistance.

The latter is the direct consequence of the combination of a fabric layer with a plastic film (usually Polyethylene) that also guarantees waterproofing. The different types of duct tape vary according to the fabric fibers: these can be cotton, nylon, glass, rayon or polyester; the mesh is not dense which permits elasticity, flexibility and versatility in use.
The main product properties, due to its physical features and that determine its success are: high adhesiveness on any surface, softness, practicality in obtaining the required measurements, waterproofing and resistance to weather elements according to the type of tape used.

Discover PPM Industries products

PPM Industries is a company that opened its doors in 1993 and has extensive experience in the adhesive tape production field. International industrial leader, especially in the paper masking tape sector, it manufactures a variety of products that meets customer demand, thanks to its professional service and focus on customer relations.

PPM manufactures three types of adhesives: synthetic gum based hot melt, solvent and acrylic based natural gum and water based (watery emulsion) that guarantee a complete and specific range of tapes for various applications.

In addition to masking tape, the PPM range includes reinforced filament, those designed for packaging, duct tapes and double-sided tape.

All these products guarantee a wide variety of choices for our customers in the pursuit of technological research on new materials and new application fields.

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