Double sided tape: products and applications

For professional, hobby and DIY use, double sided tape is your fast, trusted and clean partner. In fact, its use can be extensive yet specific, thanks to the features that distinguishes it from a common tape.

double sided tapeThe variety of its adhesive resistance makes double sided tape a highly versatile product that can be used in many situations: from permanent floor adhesive to temporary rug adhesive, from digital device to mirror wall mount support. In fact, it stands out for its ability to perfectly adhere to a wide variety of materials, both indoor and outdoor, such as: cardboard, wood, fabric, plaster, metal, plastic, aluminum, etc.

The double sided adhesive makes small renovations and touch-ups easy and invisible. The possibility of a specific outdoor solutions is key, products equipped with a highly resistant cohesion force despite climate changes, exposure to water, wind and humidity as well as heat and sunlight. It can often be used instead of drilling holes or hammering nails in surfaces and walls because specially constructed to resist the weight of even the heaviest objects.

Double sided tape cohesion is thus closely tied to the type of material it is applied to, providing the best functional result for a universal and ductile product.

Double sided tape features and types

The technical market referred to DIY and professionals is always more inclined to differentiate tapes based on purpose and specific use. This is why it is increasingly easier to find strong and extra-strong double sided tape models. What essentially differentiates the first from the second is the resistance capacity, essential in certain hobby works or in professional settings.

  • Strong is generally suited for all types of materials and is highly adaptable to both smooth and rough surfaces. Its resists temperature changes and water and can be removed without leaving residue.
  • Extra-strong has a significantly higher adhesion force, able to vertically secure relatively heavy materials.

PPM Industries double sided tape is characterized by the differentiation in three specific types, suited for different needs.

  1. Transparent BOOP is ideal for home repairs and industrial use since it does not leave residue and perfectly adheres to plastic, aluminum, glass and wood;
  2. OPP white double sided tape can be shaped and thus it is perfect for irregular surfaces and to adhere fabric floors;
  3. White cloth double sided tape is made of synthetic gauze thus perfect for professional carpet and floor installations.

Thanks to the high quality and specificity of these items, we have posted excellent double sided tape sales in both the DIY and industrial sectors. This product category takes its due place at the top of the range for tear easy, lack of glue residue and excellent adhesion on a wide range of materials.

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