What are the features of a good outdoor masking tape?

Written by Ionela Stetco

When painting outdoor or in tough environment conditions, good results are guaranteed when using an outdoor masking tape, a product that boasts specific features to resist extreme temperature, water and wet. In this article we introduce SKY MASK, a product that exemplifies the recommended technical features of a high quality outdoor masking tape.

SKY MASK is a blue masking tape specifically designed for outdoor use. Its features are the ideal benchmark to understand what to expect from a product that has to guarantee effective masking in weather conditions. When you have to evaluate the quality of an outdoor masking tape, check out its technical sheet and consider carefully the following values:

  • Dimensional features: this category includes the weight of the tape and the thickness of its carrier. SKY MASK has a thickness of 130 µm, a value that is significantly higher than a regular masking tape: this feature results in increased performance in the heavy-duty applications that often involve outdoor masking tapes. The weight of the tape is higher, too: SKY MASK weighs 100 g/m2, due to its thickness and its waterproof material.
  • Tensile strength: SKY MASK features an exceptional tensile strength (>34 N/cm), much higher than that of a regular masking tape. Tensile strength indicates the ability of the tape to resist longitudinal stress, and is strictly connected with its elongation capability. SKY MASK’s elongation value is more than 8%, higher than in a regular masking tape.
  • Shear adhesion: this parameter indicates the adhesive power of the tape or, in other words, its ability to hold a weight before coming loose from the application surface. Shear adhesion must be limited in a good masking tape, in order to prevent the tape itself to damage the surface it is applied to. In addition, an outdoor masking tape is not usually required to stay in place for prolonged time. SKY MASK provides a shear adhesion value of > 1,4 N/cm, a good compromise between steady hold, gentleness on the material and possibility to remove the tape without leaving residues.
  • Weather resistance: a good outdoor masking tape must not lack some essential qualities such as water resistance and UV resistance, which make it suitable for masking external walls, surfaces and roofs. In addition, the tape should perform at both low and high temperature, depending on the season. SKY MASK resists water and wet, withstands UV rays and keeps its hold at temperatures up to 110°.

SKY MASK also boasts other remarkable features: it can adapt to irregular and smooth surfaces, it is compatible with solvent and water base paints and provides easy unwind. Due to these qualities, SKY MASK is amongst the most reliable outdoor masking tapes available on the market.


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