When discussing transport and logistics, sector professionals are well aware that packaging process accuracy is a key element in ensuring that material reaches its destination without suffering damages.

Often, along the logistics chain, made up of the various phases, material is not handled with the necessary care and there are various external factors able to jeopardise integrity, whether if shipped by ground, sea or air.

Due to the delicacy of the packaging process, PPM Industries offers its customers a wide range of products able to meet the various needs, offering different types of adhesive tapes that adapt to the wide variety of sizes, materials, weights and storage methods used in the packaging sector.

Starting with the most popular paper tapes used to package and close cardboard boxes, PPM Industries also offers solutions for heavier or more delicate goods, with its strapping and filament line, tape with plastic base able to secure large sized loads, thanks to the high adhesion performance and tensile strength.

Recommended adhesive tapes