Also known by the popular name of hobby, over the last decade, DIY has become an important market whose numbers are constantly growing both in terms of consumers and resources employed.

For may reasons, including the economic crisis and growing individual tendency for creativity, home improvements, renovations, small repairs or simple décor and furnishing jobs are proof of the passage from professionals to private citizens over time, becoming not just a need but also a hobby.

Thus consumers approached a new world and manufacturers and distributors fully reacted to this change by introducing simple and immediate solutions on the market, transforming products for professional use in tools for all.

In response to the growing complexity of DIY demand, PPM Industries offers a range of products suited for all purposes, from paper tape for paint surface masking (indoors and outdoors), to Duct tapes able to repair any damaged material to double side tape, to secure objects to walls and floors.

In addition to quality products, PPM Industries offers its customers just as wide a range of products and customisations with flexible, fast and complete service, guaranteeing the visibility and distinction of its products at the point of sale.

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