When construction sector professionals ready themselves for masking and paint work, they know that achieving straight lines or curves with perfect edges not only makes the difference, but is only possible when using the right tools.

In this sector, adhesive tape plays an extremely important role, both for simple masking and for other applications included under the broader construction context. If on the one hand masking tape for painting and decorations have to guarantee easy application, removal without residue and precision, on the other tape with multi-layer support such as Duct tape must ensure adhesiveness, tensile strength and hold in the most hostile surfaces, essential qualities in plastering and repairs.

If outdoor applications are also taken into account, resistance to various environmental factors such as wind, humidity, temperature and sunlight is also required.

This way the tapes used in construction demonstrate their full complexity and explain professionals' increasing attention to their characteristics that make them increasingly more demanding in the selection of the right product.

PPM Industries offers a wide range of tapes for the construction sector, both with paper and multi-layer film support, able to meet the modern professional's specific needs: products for rougher and more irregular surfaces, others with higher weather resistance, yet others designed for all types of paint and suited for work on delicate or pre-processed surfaces.

Recommended adhesive tapes