Application Sectors

Adhesive tape is used in numerous application sectors on both the professional and consumer levels.

Thanks to a range of products designed to meet must user needs, PPM Industries is able to offer targeted production solutions for the various sectors of use.



Adhesive tape plays an important role in the Automotive sector, despite being considered a secondary element in the vast and complex scenario that characterises this specific application field.Adhe...

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When construction sector professionals ready themselves for masking and paint work, they know that achieving straight lines or curves with perfect edges not only makes the difference, but is only p...

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Also known by the popular name of hobby, over the last decade, DIY has become an important market whose numbers are constantly growing both in terms of consumers and resources employed. For ma...

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When discussing transport and logistics, sector professionals are well aware that packaging process accuracy is a key element in ensuring that material reaches its destination without suffering dam...

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Adhesive tape is significantly used in the industrial context. A production process can, in fact, significantly benefit from the use of adhesive and double side tape, since these can bond, attach, ...

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