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Problems at home or at work? It's finally time to solve them! Are you desperate because you can't fix something like you want to? Don't worry! Duct tape, a special adhesive tape with extraordinary properties, is just what you need!

Duct tape: applications

If you still don't know what duct tape is, now is the time to find out! It is an adhesive tape with extraordinary features such as resistance and impermeability; a universal multipurpose and multi-functional tape that can be used for various types of repairs.

In fact, it is suited for different types of use such as, for example, pipe repairs and even air condition conduit maintenance and repairs.

Furthermore, duct tape is ideal for both professional and hobby use. For beginners, but not only, the tape can be used for decorations and decorative applications and to repair helmets, backpacks, bicycles, tennis rackets, etc. Tape use is actually not that difficult: first of all, it should be unwound on dry and clean surfaces; the adhesive side should not be touched; lastly, especially in more complex cases that require higher focus and precision, it is best to use a tape wrangler with brake.

Done? When the work you want - and hopefully - is successfully completed, store your duct tape in a cool dry place, being careful to keep it out of direct sunlight and any other heat source. If well-preserved, in fact, a roll of tape can last for years.

Duct tape: materials and features

Furthermore, as regards duct tape, there are variousmaterials andfeatures. There are more than just a few products of this type on the market, but the most common is undoubtedly the multipurpose plastic coated fabric adhesive tape (support type: rayon fabric + PET; adhesive type: natural rubber). As for color, on the other hand, duct tape is usually gray, but other colors such as green, black, yellow and red can be found. Even thesize changes: in most cases it is 25 mm x 25 meters, but some packs also contain tape up to 50 mm x 50 meters.

However, it should be noted that, for those who want to use this tape for uses other than those intended by the manufacturer, it is best to test the technical specifications to make sure whether or not the product is suited for the type of use.

PPM duct tape

If you're looking for a quality duct tape, one of our products is certainly an example Among "hot melt" adhesive tapes, we offer a polyethylene tape, an "Entry Level" product in our Duct range, a strong, resistant and multipurpose tape, ideal for any need. The "Good Performance" or "Superior Performance" in various colors.

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