Adhesive Tapes

PPM Industries is specialised in the production of different types of adhesive tape thanks to more than ten years of know-how, constant research in product and process innovation and the use of three production technologies (rubber-resins both Hot Melt and Solvent base and Acrylic in water emulsion).

Thanks to the high quality standards and a range of products designed to meet all market needs, PPM Industries is able to guarantee quality and "Tailor made" services for its customers that even includes single item and relevant packaging customisation.

The PPM Industries product portfolio thus translates into a targeted yet complete range of masking tapes, one of the most complete varieties of Duct Tapes” products on the market, duct, double side and special packaging tapes. Products are manufactured on paper, multi-layer and plastic supports.

Thanks to its high focus on innovation, PPM Industries constantly researches products, new solutions and new application contexts in a continually changing market environment that requires strenuous efforts to adapt the supply to the increasingly complex demand.

PPM Industries is a combination of extensive experience, continuous improvement and a future-oriented approach, that guarantee its products' quality and reliability.

image-Hot-Melt Adhesive Tapes


Hot-Melt adhesive tapes are produced through the so-called “HOT MELT” technology, which consists in preparing the adhesive through a heat melting process to homogenise its various compo...

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image-Solvent Adhesive Tapes

Solvent Base

Solvent adhesive tapes are made through the so-called “Solvent” technology, which consists in preparing the adhesive through the solution of its various components, mainly solids, in a ...

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image-Water Base Adhesive Tapes

Water Base

The so-called “Water base acrylic” technology is made up of acrylic adhesives in watery emulsion suitably modified for specific application in pure acrylic monomer watery dispersions. ...

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