Adhesive tape

The American Richard Drew invented adhesive tape back in 1925. Adhesive tape celebrated its 90th anniversary and has never stopped asserting its utility in the construction, industrial and automotive sectors.

The classic packaging tape come in different types:

  • PPL (polypropylene) with natural rubber glue is the cheapest and can be cut with a tape wrangler;
  • polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with natural rubber glue is the most expensive and can also be manually torn.

Natural rubber glue is the strongest, suited for any type of material (paper, plastic, glass); acrylic is long-lasting while hot melt is suited for automatic taping machines.

Adhesive TapePPL adhesive tape is elastic: it is very strong if made with natural rubber glue; the PPL with acrylic glue is the cheapest and most durable but also less sticky; the PPL with hot melt glue is especially suited for use with automatic taping machines. The PVC is suited for any application, sticks to any type of material, but is the most expensive: recommended for work that requires fast execution.

Adhesive tape features

Adhesive tape can be single faced (adhesive on one side of the support) or double side tape (adhesive on both sides of the support). Supports are plastic or paper film. Mono-axially oriented and biaxially oriented polypropylene (MOPP and BOPP), polyester (PET) or polyethylene (PE) products can also be found. The paper support for tape can be crepe, smooth or draft.

PPM Industries adhesive tape

With two production facilities in northern Italy and operating in over 80 countries in the world, PPM Industries has been a leader in the production of tape for over 20 years. Using Hot Melt, solvent base and water base technologies, PPM Industries constantly develops innovative solutions and products to improve its customer's businesses. PPM Industries adhesive tape target sectors range from automotive to construction, from industry to packaging to DIY.

  • Masking
  • Packaging
  • Duct
  • Double sided
  • Fine Line
  • Design Tape
  • Masking Water Resistant

7 adhesive tape families to meet any specific need. At a time when packaging has increasingly become an integral part of the product, PPM Industries assists the customer from the package graphic design phase to provide ample customization possibilities.

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