Adhesive paper tape

Adhesive paper tape is a helpful tool which is handy to keep around in the house and essential in the industrial and manufacturing sectors since it guarantees excellent adherence on any type of material, from glass to wood and from steel to cardboard. It perfectly adheres to both rough and irregular surfaces as well as smooth and lacquered surfaces. Adhesive paper tape, in fact, is often used every day for hobby works, DIY or wrap boxes, objects and gifts. Thanks to its technical specifications, it is widely used in the automotive sector since it is used to mask car bodies (technical name masking tape) to be painted with any technique such as powder or spray paint.

Adhesive paper tape also helps to make painting and renovations easier since it excellently covers corners and edges, to guarantee a perfect and clean paint coat, or to cover furniture and fixtures during renovations. Event computer technicians daily use this product during work as a conformal coating. Adhesive paper tape, thanks to its construction material, can be easily decorated and marked with pens, pencils and magic markers. For this reason, it is also widely used in warehouses to stock goods and label wrapped boxes.

Unlike plastic tape, paper one does not lose its ability to adhere to surfaces when they are dusty.

Adhesive paper tape features

adhesive paper tapeAdhesive paper tape is a product line featuring many variations since it can meet a myriad of needs, and different technical product features correspond to each variant. There is, thus, narrow adhesive tape, just a few centimeters wide, used to mask elements such as floor boards or closet edges and for paint touch-ups, and wide adhesive tape, as much as 5 cm wide, to mask larger surfaces such as those on an auto body.

Even resistance to high temperatures may vary according to the features. In fact, there is a model that resists up to 110 degrees and a popular model that can support temperatures up to 40 degrees. The basic feature shared by all variants is that the item is characterized by a high capacity to support weights without breaking provided the load is placed in the tape direction. If, instead, slight pressure is placed vertically on the adhesive paper tape, it tears easily. This quality allows the product to be easily cut, without the use of tools.

PPM adhesive paper tape

Adhesive paper tape is one of the main products manufactured and sold by PPM Industries intended for both common consumers and large corporations specialized in certain sectors such as industry, automobiles and construction.

In fact, we can meet any market need thanks to the various adhesive tape models we manufacture. We were able to gain the respect of many of our key customers who rely on us for their success thanks to this product. All the know-how, Made in Italy, that we at PPM Industries have and have been applying for almost 25 years is in these products. Our products are a synonym for quality and efficiency.

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